FAQs: Benefits Open Enrollment

How do the new vision plans cover progressive lenses?

There are two new vision plan options for employees to elect.  We have received many questions regarding how progressive lenses will be covered by each plan.  Original communication pieces and presentations indicated the Standard Plan provided discounts for progressive lenses and the Enhanced Plan covered all progressive lenses after a $55 copay when using a VSP in-network provider.

We have asked VSP for further clarification of progressive lens coverage, specifically for the Standard Plan.  Below is a more detailed breakdown of coverage for progressive lenses.  For the Standard Plan, the employee may pay between $55 and $175 for progressive lenses depending on the type of lens and discount available from their in-network vision provider.  For the Enhanced Plan, the employee will pay no more than $55 for progressive lens provided by their in-network VSP provider.

Progressive Lens Type
Standard Plan Coverage
Enhanced Plan Coverage
Standard Progressive Lens
$55 Copay
$55 Copay
Premium Progressive Lens
$90 - $105 Copay Range
$55 Copay
Custom Progressive Lens
$150 - $175 Copay Range
$55 Copay

Employees can elect a vision plan, or makes changes to current elections, until April 29, 2016.

A full summary of Vision Plan options is available at: https://www.ohio.edu/hr/benefits/upload/2016_BOE_Guide_Fac_Admin_NBU_FOP_WEB.pdf#page=14&zoom=auto,36,508.

Can I enroll in different plans at different family size levels? 

Yes, employees can enroll in the medical plan, vision plan, and dental plan at different levels.  For example, and employee can choose employee only coverage for medical, and then choose family coverage for vision and/or dental.  Employees can also waive one plan and enroll in another plan.  For example, and employee can enroll in employee + family medical coverage and waive vision and/or dental coverage.

When spouses are both OU employees, what enrollment rules apply? 
If both spouses/partners are OU employees, either spouse can enroll in each plan (medical, dental, vision, etc.).  “OU Spouses” can elect separate plans (such as two separate employee only plans) or one employee can choose to enroll in family coverage and include their spouse under that plan.  OU Spouses can even split up their family and each cover several different dependents.  If enrolling in a family plan, it is up to each couple to decided who will carry family coverage for each plan and who will be listed as a covered dependent.  Please note that when electing family plans (Employee +1 dependent or Employee + Family) premiums for the medical plans will be based on the highest salary of the two employees.  Also, “OU Spouses” should not both elect family plans covering the same dependents as our plans will only provide coverage for dependents under one plan, not both plans.  (Meaning there will not be double benefits paid.)

Who should enroll in the new short term disability plan?
All employees are encouraged to review the Short Term Disability plan and consider enrollment.  The Short Term Disability plan will provide a disability income benefit after 14 days of injury or disability or the exhaustion of sick leave, whichever is greater.  Newer employees or employees with low sick leave accrual balances may want to consider electing the benefit.  Please see https://www.ohio.edu/hr/benefits/upload/2016_BOE_Guide_Fac_Admin_NBU_FOP_WEB.pdf#page=18&zoom=auto,180,727 for more details.  (A pre-existing condition clause does apply).

Premiums are based on your age and your salary and are paid on an after-tax basis. The weekly benefit amount is paid up to a maximum of $2,400 per week. The weekly benefit for the premium calculation is also capped at $2,400. Visit the following site to download the Short Term Disability Calculator: https://www.ohio.edu/hr/benefits/upload/STD_RATE_CALCULATOR_v3.xlsx

If I do not enroll in the new Short Term Disability Plan this year, can I enroll next year? 
Yes, if you do not enroll in the new Short Term Disability plan this year, you can request the plan next year.  However, after this year, you may be required to complete “evidence of insurability” information prior to enrolling in the plan.  This may include information about any medical conditions.  You do not have to provide evidence of insurability if enrolling in Short Term Disability this year.

Logging In

Why am I unable to access the system after entering my OHIO ID and Password?

Make sure you are entering just your OHIO ID (formerly known as Oak ID) and not your full email address. For example, if your email address is bobcat@ohio.edu, then your OHIO ID is 'bobcat'.

What if I don't have my OHIO ID and password?

If you do not currently use Ohio University's email system, you will need to activate your account.

If you have forgotten your password, please visit OIT's password reset page.

Is this site secure?
Yes, employees will use their OHIO ID and password to access the online benefits enrollment site.

Using the System

How do I specify which dependents should be covered for health and which for vision and dental?
This can be done after Updating Enrollments. Click Next to view the Cover Dependents page, then click the cover checkbox next to the dependents you wish to cover. This option will be available for each plan type, i.e. Medical, Vision, etc.

Making Changes

What if I need to make a change to my on-line open enrollment entry?
The system will be available during the annual benefits open enrollment period. You may make changes online during this period.

Can I change my personal information online?
Yes, visit My Personal Information at: http://www.ohio.edu/ebiz/myhr.htm

Can I make changes throughout the year if a family status change occurs?
Changes may be made at the time of a family status change through the normal paper process. Online enrollment will only be available during the annual open enrollment period.


How will I know if I've enrolled correctly?
Once your enrollment is submitted you will see a screen listing your coverages. You may print this screen or download a confirmation statement for your records.

Will I receive a confirmation statement in the mail after I enroll online?
No, you may print a copy of your confirmation statement at the end of the online enrollment process. 


How do I enroll in vision coverage?
You will choose the standard or enhanced vision plan. If you do not choose a vision plan you will not have coverage on July 1, 2016. Click here to learn more about vision coverage.

Can I still submit a paper enrollment form?
No, all enrollment is electronic using the online system.

What if I have a question regarding my enrollment?
If you have a question regarding on-line enrollment call Human Resources at 740.593.1636 between 8am- 5pm M-F. You may also email your question to benefits@ohio.edu

I am unable to open the links to various forms throughout the online enrollment site; where can I find these forms?
Forms are available (in alphabetical order) from the following website: www.ohio.edu/hr/forms.cfm

You may also call Human Resources at 740.593.1636 to request forms.

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