FAQs: Benefits Open Enrollment

Logging In

Why am I unable to access the system after entering my OHIO ID and Password?

Make sure you are entering just your OHIO ID (formerly known as Oak ID) and not your full email address. For example, if your email address is bobcat@ohio.edu, then your OHIO ID is 'bobcat'.

What if I don't have my OHIO ID and password?

If you do not currently use Ohio University's email system, you will need to activate your account.

If you have forgotten your password, please visit OIT's password reset page.

Is this site secure?
Yes, employees will use their OHIO ID and password to access the online benefits enrollment site.

Using the System

How do I specify which dependents should be covered for health and which for dental?
The Dependent Information screen lists each of your dependents by name. In the box next to "Benefit Coverage" you may select one of the following: No Coverage, Dental Only, Health Only or Health and Dental for each of your dependents.

Making Changes

What if I need to make a change to my on-line open enrollment entry?
The system will be available during the annual benefits open enrollment period. You may make changes online during this period even if you have already saved previous updates. Be sure to SAVE any changes made following your initial enrollment.

Can I change my personal information online?
Yes, visit My Personal Information at: http://www.ohio.edu/ebiz/myhr.htm

Can I make changes throughout the year if a family status change occurs?
Changes may be made at the time of a family status change through the normal paper process. Online enrollment will only be available during the annual open enrollment period.


How will I know if I've enrolled correctly?
Once your enrollment is submitted you will see a screen listing your current and new elections along with a confirmation number. You may print this screen for your records.

Will I receive a confirmation statement in the mail after I enroll online?
No, you may print a copy of your confirmation statement at the end of the online enrollment process. 


How do I enroll in vision coverage?
There is no need to enroll in vision coverage. As always vision is included with your medical plan.

Can I still submit a paper enrollment form?

No, all enrollment is electronic using the online system.

What if I have a question regarding my enrollment?
If you have a question regarding on-line enrollment call Human Resources at 740.593.1636 between 8am- 5pm M-F. You may also email your question to benefits@ohio.edu

I am unable to open the links to various forms throughout the online enrollment site; where can I find these forms?
Forms are available (in alphabetical order) from the following website: www.ohio.edu/hr/forms.cfm

You may also call Human Resources at 740.593.1636 to request forms.

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