Employees receive a 100% waiver of the instructional fee and 100% of the non-residency fee, if applicable. (The waiver is pro-rated if the employee is part-time). At the discretion of the department chair or head, the general fee portion of tuition may be waived for course work that is related to the employee's current position.The employing department requesting the waiver of the general fee will be charged for the amount of the general fee waived. This is granted on a course-by-course basis, not for entire degree programs

With supervisory approval, an employee may take one course during regular working hours and one additional course during non working hours. An additional course through elearning or weekend courses may be added but only with the approval of the Planning Unit Head.

Eligible employees cannot be full time students without proper approval from the department or Planning Unit Head. Any employee wishing to be granted approval needs to have the department or Planning Unit Head's signature on the request form.

An eligible employee on approved leave of absence shall be qualified for the educational benefit during the period of leave.

Those employees on layoff status should refer to Policy 40.015 to determine eligibility.


Eligible dependents receive a 100% waiver of the instructional fee, and 100% of the non-residency fee, if applicable. The general fee is the responsibility of the student. (The waiver is pro-rated if the employee is part-time). Dependents of employees may take as many courses as academically permissible.

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to executive policy decisions, the programs noted on the following site are not eligible for educational benefits:


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