Educational Benefits

Ohio University provides educational opportunities to faculty, administrative, classified staff and their spouse or domestic partner and children. This policy covers classes taken for credit including:

Audited courses, OPIE courses, admission & enrollment fees, special course fees and certain study abroad programs are not covered.

Students participating in the Ohio University Educational Benefits Program are not eligible to be considered for certain Ohio University scholarships, including the OHIO Signature Awards Program.

**PLEASE NOTE: The programs noted on the following site are not eligible for educational benefits:

Special Graduate Programs

Graduate programs such as: The College of Osteopathic Medicine, the Executive MBA Program and the Professional MBA Program have higher fees than that of a regular graduate program. Participants in these programs should be aware that the educational benefits fee waiver is limited to that of a regular graduate program. Visit the Bursar's website to view the current GraduateTuition and Fee Schedule:

If your spouse, child and /or domestic partner plan to attend Ohio University in the Fall, please submit an Educational Benefit Request Form, Qualified Dependents the previous Spring.

Educational Benefit forms are available online from the Human Resource website: Forms are due every semester for Employees and annually for dependents.