Fees & Taxation for Educational Benefits

Visit the Bursar's website to view the current Tuition and Fee Schedule: http://www.ohio.edu/finance/bursar/tuitionfees.cfm

Non-residency Fees

When applicable these fees are also covered under the Educational Benefits Program; percentage is based on employment type.


Educational Benefits are subject to withholding taxes under regulations of the Internal Revenue Service for the following:
  • Non tax dependent children enrolled in undergraduate courses
  • Children or spouse enrolled in graduate level courses
  • Domestic Partners enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate level courses
All waivers are reported to the VP for Finance Department, where taxes will be deducted from the employee's pay according to the tax withholding schedules linked from the Payroll website:

Employees taking courses are automatically tax exempt.


NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to pay/waive any amount owed by the due date. Failing to do so could result in cancellation of courses or application of a late fee. Due to executive policy decisions, the programs noted on the following site are not eligible for educational benefits: http://online.ohio.edu/partnerprograms.htm

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