Applying for Educational Benefits

An Educational Benefits Request Form must be completed quarterly with approriate approvals, including signatures.  Forms should be sent to Human Resources at the  time of registration. Upon receipt, credit will be applied to the student's account.

Children, spouses or domestic partners of employees should complete the Educational Benefits Request Form once every academic year. The form should be returned to Human Resources where it will remain on file for that year. 
Forms should be submitted prior to the academic year of intended enrollment.  For example, students planning on attending Fall term should submit a form by May of the preceding academic year. The credit will then be applied to the student's account upon their registration.

Please Note: Proper completion and timely submission of the Educational Benefits Request Form will ensure correct billing.  Visit the My OHIO Portal to view your account.

Please note the program enrolled on the request form for proper processing.

Due to executive policy decisions, the programs noted on the following site are not eligible for educational benefits:

Benefits Open Enrollment
The Journey~ Embracing Inclusion