Benefit Advisory Council (BAC)

Mission Statement

The Benefit Advisory Council (BAC) is charged with analyzing and making recommendations related to university benefit plan designs in conformance with the guiding principles and strategies defined by Total Compensation Committee (TCC) under the direction of the President. The BAC will explore options and suggest changes that meet the objectives and goals established by the TCC. They will consider competitiveness, financial sustainability and fairness in their recommendations.The BAC serves as an advisory body to the TCC and its recommendations along with any potential budget implications are provided to the Budget Planning Council (BPC) for consideration when developing budget assumptions. Ultimate decision making authority regarding University benefit programs rests with the President and the Board of Trustees, or its delegate.


Name Representative Body Term Period of
Colleen Bendl Co-Chair- Human Resources Role Based Ongoing
Susan Williams        Co-Chair – Faculty Senate
Finance and Facilities
Committee Chair 
Role Based Ongoing
(Vacant)        Past Co-Chair of Faculty Senate
(only filled during transition year) 
Role Based 1 Year
Vickie McFadden          Administrative Senate 3 Years Through
Jennifer Romero       Classified Senate 3 Years    Through
Joe McLaughlin       Faculty Senate (Chair) Role Based  
(Vacant) Past Co-Chair of Faculty Senate
(only filled during transition year)
Role Based 1 Year
David Juedes          Chair/Director 3 Years Through
Tia Barrett           CFAO 3 Years Through
Bill Willan       VP Regional Higher Education    Role Based Ongoing
Jason Pina          VP Student Affairs Role Based Ongoing
John Day    Associate Provost Role Based Ongoing
Chad Mitchell           Chief of Staff VPFA Role Based Ongoing
(Vacant) Dean Role Based 3 Years
Jennifer Kirksey          President’s Council Role Based
(non voting)
Greg Fialko HR – Benefits Role Based
(non voting)
Jane Balbo HCOM Clinical Faculty Role Based
(non voting)

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