Reservation Procedures

Please note, rooms must remain arranged in fixed configurations. View available set-up arrangements for each room in the table below. If set-ups are altered by the customer, it is the customer's responsibility to return rooms to the original arrangement.

Training/Meeting Rooms fixed configurations




















Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you have questions, please call 740-593-1636.

  • We will make every effort to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee all requests will be honored.
  • The Center may not be used for student organizations.

X Equipment

The following audio/visual equipment is available in every room: TV/VCR, DVD, LCD, dry eraser board, wireless internet provided by OHIO University. Laptop computers, Flip chart stands, and flip chart pads are not provided and must be supplied by the customer.

Please note that on each room's podium which powers the audio/visual equipment, there are instructions to "Do Not Touch" placed on various dials. The equipment is very sensitive and has been programmed to achieve the best results for most customers' needs. However, if something needs to be altered, OIT will be contacted by UHR to make necessary adjustments. If the customer adjusts the dials and OIT needs to be called to re-adjust, any costs associated with the re-adjustment will be charged to the customer's department.

Any loss or damage to equipment or facility will result in a replacement/repair charge to the responsible customer's department or organization. This includes all cords and cables connecting laptops to the podiums.  These are the property of UHR.

The sponsoring organization is responsible for the printing and distribution of all promotional information for the event, and all other distribution materials involved with the event.

Food & Beverages

The ordering and delivery of food and beverages are the responsibility of the reserving group. Please refer to policy #23.002 regarding Ohio University food policy, or contact Environmental Health and Safety for guidelines. Food must either be carried away or discarded after any event. Clean-up is the responsibility of the reserving party or its caterers. If a fee is charged for extra cleaning due to an event, the charge will be transferred to the organization or department holding that event.

  • When foods are to be prepared and/or served by organized University groups for special meals or events of a temporary nature, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety must be notified at least 48 hours in advance. Notification should include a statement in writing of what foods are to be prepared, where they are to be prepared, who is to prepare them, where they are to be served, and where they are to be refrigerated, if necessary, or otherwise protected against contamination between the time of preparation and serving.

A completed "PERMIT TO SELL/SERVE FOOD ON CAMPUS" shall be sufficient for the above required written notification. The approved permit must be displayed at the sale or serving site. An exception to the above may be made for products of a non-perishable nature, such as baked goods (cookies, brownies, etc.), at the discretion of Environmental Health and Safety. If in doubt about the need for a permit, contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety for guidelines. (policy # 23.002)

Alcoholic Beverages

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in HR/Training Center.

Computer Lab

No food or drink is permitted in the computer training labs.


Space is not available for storage. All items must be removed from the building at the close of the event by the department or organization.


Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the Human Resources and Training Center, and per OHIO's policy #44.113, "Ohio University prohibits smoking in all Ohio University buildings; on appurtenant rooftops and terraces; in public buildings directly or indirectly under the control of Ohio University; and within 10 feet of University buildings, including windows and ventilation intake openings."

Shuttle Services

The Bobcat Express campus shuttle schedule is available on-line at to assist you with your transportation needs.


Lot # 147 may be used for patrons of the Human Resource & Training Center, but a parking space is not guaranteed. Special parking permits must be obtained for those without OU parking passes. University Human Resources will not have permits available on site. Arrangements can be made through Parking Services ( You must abide by Ohio University Transportation Services' policy regarding parking regulations.

Loading & Unloading Vehicles

There is no loading dock access to the HR/Training Center. There is an elevator available to transport equipment or supplies to second floor classrooms.


Decorations are restricted to table decorations. Nothing may be affixed to the ceilings or walls in any area of the building.

Fund Raising/Charity Events

The Office of University Advancement is the official unit of the University for fund raising from all private sources. The Vice President for Advancement or his or her assignee is to be consulted before initiating or announcing any fund raising activities involving administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, foundations, corporations or other organizations either within or outside the University. (policy # 37.001)

Sale Events

Sale events are prohibited at the Human Resource & Training Center.

Disability Access

The HR/Training center is equipped with disability access at the front and rear entrance. An elevator is available to access entry to the second floor of the building.

To make a reservation, please call , 740-593-1636.