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Where do I find. . . ?

ATM machines
On campus there are Ohio University Credit Union ATM machines in Baker University Center and outside of Morton Hall. There are also several machines from a variety of local banks located uptown on Court Street and Union Street.

Bike Racks
Bike racks are located throughout campus on every green and near most classroom buildings.

Bobcat Cash
Wish to add funds to this convenient way to using vending machines and other services on-campus? You can add to your balance at the cashier's office in Chubb Hall or online through the student's eAccount with the Bursar's Office.

Cable (CATVision)
Every residence hall room is connected to the university's own cable system with a lineup of stations as well as a movie channel and news from around the world.

Go to Gam Vending Center on the East Green, Treudley Vending Center on the West Green, or the Dougan Vending Center on the South Green. Your staff office does not have change.

Computer Labs
They're all over - the College Green has several. The computers in Alden Library and the Computer Services Center are the most extensive and open to any Ohio University student.

Copy machines are located in Alden Library, Morton Hall, Baker University Center, Nelson Mini Mall, and Jefferson and Boyd Dining Hall lobbies.

The ID office is located in the Technology Depot on the first floor of Baker University Center. If you lose your ID or have any problems with it, contact this office immediately.

Internet Access
Call the OIT Service Desk at 740.593.1222 if you have trouble with the internet in your residence hall room (wired or wireless).

Light Bulbs
In the dark? Check with your RA or RCS staff, they will know how to get the light bulb in your overhead light changed.

Many buildings have their own laundry facilities. If you live in a building that doesn't, try these laundry centers: Gam on East Green, Treudley and Bromley (Bromley requires a special laundry card) on West Green, or Dougan on South Green. These facilities are open from 7 a.m. to 12 midnight everyday. Please don't leave your laundry unattended and remember to allow yourself plenty of time to finish before closing.

Everyone student has their own mailbox or shares one with their roommate(s). Mailboxes on East, West, and the Front Four of South Green are in the hall's lobby. Mailboxes for the back 15 on South Green are located in Nelson Commons. Mailboxes for Adams, Carr, Luchs, Ohio First Scholars House, Ohio First Scholars house, Sowle and Tanaka halls are located on the first floor of the Living Learning Center.

Any building maintenance problems should be promptly reported using Facilities Management's online maintenance request system. Things cannot be fixed unless the maintenance staff knows there is a problem, so please communicate.

Microwave / Refrigerator Units
Report microwave / refrigerator unit problems using the maintenance request form above.

You'll get an e-mail notification in your CatMail account for packages that don't fit in your mailbox. Bring your ID to the staff office during office hours to retrieve your package. If you live in the Back 15 of South Green, you will need to go to Nelson Commons. Adams, Carr, Luchs, Ohio First Scholars House, Sowle and Tanaka hall residents will go to the mailroom on the first floor of the Living Learning Center.

Post Office
Conveniently located on the fourth floor of Baker University Center is a full-service U.S. Post Office. Hours of operation are 10:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Every room has a recycling container to make recycling easy. Collected recyclables should be emptied into the containers in your hall's recyclables area. Newspaper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, plastic, and paper are all collected.

You are responsible for your trash. Trash, such as pizza boxes, that you leave in a shared public area must be cleaned up by you. You are also responsible for taking your trash outside to the dumpster. Trash cannot be left in the hallways as this is a fire hazard.

Vacuum Cleaner
Available at the staff office for check out.