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Housing Testimonials

My time in Housing and Residence Life at Ohio University made me into the professional I am today. I had the opportunity to supervise a grad student, take on additional conduct cases, write policy and procedure, participate in professional staff recruitment, work closely with athletics, work with faculty in residence, facilitate processes with on-campus conferences, our ACUHO-I interns, and more. I was also allowed to teach a course to first year students in Learning Communities as well as train to be a facilitator for an alcohol sanction course. These experiences and skills have helped me to be successful in every other position I’ve held since moving back to the Northeast. I’m forever grateful that Ohio was my first fulltime position, and that I was given the room to grow and make mistakes. When you become a member of the Bobcat Family, they truly live up to the term family. Although I did not attend Ohio University as a student, I still have an incredible affinity for the institution from my 2.5 years spent there.

Angela Marchio M.Ed.
Residence Hall Director – Hilltop Halls
Department of Residential Life
University of Connecticut

My favorite thing about Housing and Residence Life at OHIO University is the supportive environment. Leadership allows me to explore my interests and have autonomy in my work. I am able to ask questions or seek guidance when necessary. OHIO is a fun and friendly place to be!

Meredith RL Massman, M.A.
Resident Director
Housing & Residence Life
Ohio Univeristy

Working for Housing & Residence Life at Ohio University was the best first full-time position right out of graduate school. The department offers extensive training and professional development to all levels of staff along with many opportunities to collaborate with campus partners. In addition, the staff across the university is extremely jovial and welcoming! Lifelong friendships and bonds were made during my time in Athens.

Tory Elisca
Area Director
Office of Housing & Residence Life
Rutgers University-Newark

As a Resident Director at Ohio University, I have been able to advocate for my own professional development and have been fully supported in those efforts. When I showed that I wanted to take on more responsibility and shared my passions, interests, and ideas, I was given opportunities to grow as a professional. I have learned that it never hurts to ask. I chose OU because I wanted to work in a larger department where I could learn from my colleagues and students and gain new perspectives. Once I stepped on campus, I enjoyed the smaller building communities amongst the larger campus. It felt nice that the communities could be smaller and close knit, as well as still have the opportunities that a large university offers the students and employees. When I first transitioned to OU, I appreciated the level of mentorship I received from pro staff that had been at OU for a few years. I enjoyed spending my first year making connections with a variety of people in the department. I felt it was important to make connections with business operations, residence life folks, and others in the central office. I’ve found that making these connections have helped me build relationships with my colleagues and it has provided me with resources to improve my practice, as well as more friends to stop by and chat with when I visit the central office.

Leah Wheeler, M.S.
Resident Director
Washington Hall
Housing & Residence Life
Ohio University

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