Housing Contract Terms & Conditions

Please read all the information associated with this contract.  By signing the Housing and Dining Services Contract you are agreeing to abide by the terms of the contract described herein.  The University's acceptance of a housing payment does not constitute a guarantee to provide residence in a particular green, room style or living environment.  The Housing and Dining Contract is binding for both fall and spring semester. 

Housing Guidelines

The Parietal Rule / University Housing Requirement

Ohio University has a parietal rule that requires students to reside on campus for two full years and carry an associated meal plan.  Possible exemptions from this policy are outlined here. All exemption requests must be reviewed and approved by the Housing and Residence Life Office.  Specific questions should be directed to Housing and Residence Life via an email to housing@ohio.edu or by calling 740.593.4090.

Students enrolled for summer school are bound by the same guidelines. Please note: College credits earned by the student while attending high school (College Credit Plus, Advance Placement, senior to sophomore, Senate bill 140, etc.) which advances a student academically to a higher class year, will not be considered toward housing exemption eligibility. Transfer and re-enrolling students' post high school education history will be subject to certification by the Director of Admissions. Students required to live on campus who fail to comply with this condition may have their course registration denied or canceled.


Contract Length

The Housing and Dining Services Contract is binding for the entire academic year (regardless of credit hours earned or quarters / semesters in residence) fall through spring semesters, unless the student withdraws, graduates or is engaged in a full-time curricular program away from the Athens campus.

Housing Regulations

Air Conditioners / Personal Refrigerators

Ohio University prohibits the installation of personal air conditioners and refrigeration units. Medical needs that require special accommodation must be identified no later than May 30th and must be accompanied by a recent physician's statement (issued within the last 30 days) outlining the specific medical need of the student in order to be considered for an air conditioned room. Accommodations and university-owned equipment will be utilized to best meet the needs of the individual within university owned residence halls. Returning students whose medical needs require air-conditioning should select from the air-conditioned rooms available on campus during the Returning Student Room Selection process. No additional or personal air-conditioners may be installed.

Emergency Room Entry

The University reserves the right to enter a student room without student permission in the following circumstances: 1.) During an emergency (e.g. fire alarm), 2.) Inspect, maintain and renovate rooms as may be deemed necessary. 3.) Local service providers, when necessary, to enter rooms to make adjustments or repairs. 4.) Need to check on the well-being of a resident or 5.) Activity in a room is a nuisance to the community (e.g. noise from an alarm clock).

Reassignment / Consolidation / Termination

  • The University reserves the right to reassign students to accommodations as may be deemed necessary, and to assign students to temporary accommodations until permanent accommodations become available.
  • The University reserves the right to consolidate students into under-assigned rooms as a matter of fairness and for energy savings as defined in the "Student Room Consolidation Policy."
  • The University may terminate the Housing and Dining Services contract and take possession of any room at any time for violation of the provisions of the Housing and Dining Services contract, health reasons and / or University regulations.

Use of Residence Hall Rooms

  • Residence hall rooms are designed to house students only. Individuals or outside agencies are prohibited from using rooms, the buildings or adjacent grounds for any commercial purpose, unless written permission has been granted from Housing and Residence Life. This applies to the distribution of goods or services for which a student or outside solicitor receives compensation.
  • The use or possession of intoxicating beverages is governed by the laws of the State of Ohio and the rules and regulations of Ohio University.
  • The use or possession of drugs without proper medical documentation or supervision is prohibited by Ohio University.
  • The use or possession of dangerous weapons or materials within the residence halls is strictly prohibited. This includes firearms, other weapons and ammunition. Dangerous weapons or materials include, but are not limited to: handguns, automatic and semiautomatic firearms, compressed air guns (e.g. CO2 air guns / paintball guns), pellet guns, bb guns, or a weapon of any description, including but not limited to ballistic or explosive devices, incendiary devices, fireworks, ammunition, or knives used to either cause or infer harm to self or others.
  • Gambling of any sort is forbidden.
  • Pets (except for fish) are not permitted.
  • Tampering with or misuse of fire alarm systems and firefighting equipment is prohibited.
  • Financial responsibility associated with residence hall rooms and contents are assigned to the designated resident.
  • University-owned property may not be removed from the assigned room. Costs associated with room damage or extra custodial services will be charged to the residents of the room.
  • Lofts must conform to requirements established by Ohio University. Home constructed lofts are not permitted. Unapproved personal furnishings that do not meet University guidelines are prohibited. Loft information may be found under the "Furnishings and Amenities" tab.
  • Tapestries or other items may not be suspended from the ceiling.
  • Residents of a hall are liable for damage to furnishings and fixtures in common spaces (ie., bathrooms, lounges, mods). Community billing may occur.
  • The use or possession of high wattage electrical appliances (i.e., hot plates, ceiling fans, additional refrigerators) is prohibited. University approved and provided combination microwave / refrigerator / freezer units are available in each room. Tampering with or altering in any way the electrical fixtures and equipment within the residence hall rooms and/or common areas is prohibited.
  • Candles and incense are prohibited.
  • For fire safety, the only torchier-style halogen lamps allowed are those conforming to the most current UL standards.
  • Cooking in non-designated kitchens is prohibited. Only the reheating of food using the University provided microwave is permitted.
  • Electronic equipment capable of transmitting radio waves of any frequency (i.e., short wave, citizen or amateur bands), are not permitted without special permission from the Chief of the Ohio University Police Department and the Department of Housing and Residence Life. External radio and television aerials are prohibited.

Conduct of Guests

Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times and will be held responsible for any violations of university policy committed by their guests.

Personal Property

Ohio University is not liable for the loss or damage to any personal property of a student. Students should consider renters insurance or contact their home insurance agent about acquiring separate student coverage.

Additional Fees

  • Ohio University reserves the right to charge guests for overnight accommodations as deemed necessary to cover expenses related to the safety and security of the residence hall system.
  • All students are required to pay for the type of accommodations in which they are residing, beginning with the initial room assignment and rates are adjusted after all room changes / reassignments. The University cannot guarantee capacity preferences.

The Student Housing Handbook

Students are also bound by the policies and conditions set forth in the Student Housing Handbook / Guide to Residential Living.

Room & Board Rates

Room and meal plan rates for the current year are listed online at here. It is anticipated that these rates will increase. These rates are approved by the Ohio University Board of Trustees and will be provided via e-mail once they are determined.

It is important to note that meal plans cannot be downgraded after the Wednesday before classes begin.

Housing Deposit / Prepayment

A $200 deposit / pre-payment must accompany the housing contract.  This payment will be credited to the student's room and board charge. Deposit payments can be made online with a credit card or an eCheck at www.ohio.edu/bursar or a personal check can be mailed to:  Office of the Bursar, P.O. Box 960, Chubb Hall 010, Athens, OH 45701-0960.

An initial electronic billing notice is sent to the student's OHIO e-mail account in mid-August.

All deposit refund requests are due by May 1, and must be made in writing (E-mail, fax or letter) to:  Housing and Residence Life, 215 Living Learning Center, 111 South Green Drive, Athens, OH 45701; Fax: (740) 593-4089; E-mail: housing@ohio.edu

All students are required to pay for the type of accommodations in which they are residing. The University cannot guarantee that capacity preferences will be met during the assignment process.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Refunds are processed according to the below refund schedule by Housing and Residence Life only after the student has removed all of his or her belongings from their assigned room and a Housing and Residence Life staff member has completed a checkout form and returned it to our office. Please keep in mind that cancellation of room and board must be requested in writing directly to Housing and Residence Life and does not automatically cancel charges assessed by other University department, and / or class registration. The students should check with the Office of the University Registrar for questions related to cancellation of registration.

Housing and Residence Life will not remove housing / dining service charges from a student account as long as he or she is enrolled for classes on the Athens campus unless the student has received an approved exemption/termination from their housing commitment.

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Residence Hall Room Refund Schedule

The amount of any refund is based on the following percentages of the semesterly room and meal charge. For purposes of this policy, the week begins on the first day the residence halls open. Please note that amount of refund may vary if a change of rate occurs.

  • Prior to opening of residence hall - 100% (minus deposit)
  • 1st week of semester - 80%
  • 2nd week of semester - 60%
  • 3rd week of semester - 40%
  • 4th week of semester - 20%
  • 5th week of semester or after - NO REFUND

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Rebilling Policy

Students who pay for one capacity room and who are reassigned or make a room change to a different style of room will be credited or re-billed for the difference.  Credits or re-billings are prorated on a daily basis.

Under the Room Consolidation policy, rooms that house fewer than the designated number of residents may result in students being required to move. Under no circumstances can a room house more students than the occupancy level assigned by Housing and Residence Life.

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