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Second Year Room Selection FAQ

Second Year Room Selection FAQ

Can I change rooms?

  • There will be a three month long room change opportunity after the initial room selection process ends. Beginning April 17, students are automatically entered to participate in a room change process that begins April 17 and ends August 1. 

    This room change option is at no risk. Students will keep their current room until they find a new desired location and select the space during the room change process. Once in this process, students can change rooms as many times as desired, up until August 1.

Can I hold a space for a friend that is transferring to OHIO?

  • Unfortunately, spaces cannot be held for students who have not yet been admitted to Ohio University.  

    Please contact Ally Schatzer at armstroa@ohio.edu if you have a friend that is transferring in that you would like to room with. 

Can I select a room and pull in a first-year student?

  • Unfortunately, due to our first year hall and second year hall configurations, incoming first year students are not eligible to be pulled in to a second year students space.

    Transfer students are able to be pulled in by second year students, as long as the student is admitted and has completed their housing application and paid their deposit. You will be able to request the student as a roommate prior to selecting a room. As long as the roommate request is mutual, when you select a room you will pull the new student into the space with you.

Can I select into a room in Adams or Bromley without a roommate request?

  • Yes, students can select into any room on campus with a vacancy. However, we do recommend that if you are selecting randomly into a double, triple, quad, or suite style space, that you look for rooms that already have a student that has selected into the space.


How are room selection lottery numbers determined?

  • Room selection lottery numbers are completely random. The decision to randomly assign selection dates/times was recommended by students and endorsed by Student Senate.

    Students are assigned a lottery selection date/time between the hours of 9-12 pm and 1-6 pm, Monday through Friday in two minute increments. Though selection times always begin on the above schedule, the process remains open for selection 24 hours a day.

How can I select a mod with more than three desired roommate requests?

  • Students interested in residing in a mod style facility on south green with more than three roommate requests or students of the opposite gender (wings of bedrooms will remain gender specific, with the exception of   Gender Neutral Housing should send an email to Ally Schatzer ( armstroa@ohio.edu ) for additional details.

How does selecting a room with a group of roommates work?

  • Students within a mutual roommate group will each have a designated date and time to select a room. The student with the earliest date/time should complete the selection. Once this student selects a room, all other roommate requests will be pulled into the room with the student.

How will I know if a room has air conditioning?

  • During the selection process, the room type will indicate if the room includes air or if the room does not have air.


I am interested in Gender Neutral Housing, what should I do?

  • Because the supplemental GNH application must first be reviewed, you are encouraged to select a room elsewhere during room selection in order to have a confirmed room for 2017-18. If you are selected for the GNH community, we will complete a room change for you into a GNH room at that time.  

    If you are wanting an incoming first-year student (or other new student) as your roommate, please be sure to indicate this on your GNH application. We can pair you together later.

    More information on Gender Neutral Housing and the supplemental application can be found  here.

Should I select a room if I am applying to become an RA?

  • Students applying to become a staff member (RA) should complete a housing application, pay the deposit, and select a room. For those students who are selected to become an RA, you will be reassigned into your staff room in May once you have officially been extended a position.

Should I select a room if I am interested in residing in a recognized fraternity or sorority?

  • Students wishing to reside in a recognized fraternity/sorority will need to complete a greek life exemption form beginning April 1 to determine eligibility.  

    Forms can be found by visiting the " Exemption/Termination " web page. Once Housing & Residence Life receives notice from the Campus Involvement Center regarding your initiation status, you will be notified of the status of your request.  

    Students who submit a housing application, pay a deposit, and then decide to reside in a recognized greek house will receive a refund of the deposit as long as the request for exemption is made by May 1. Exemption requests received after this date will not be eligible for a deposit refund.

What about roommate groups of four people total?

  • Four person rooms (Adams, Bromley, Carr, Tanaka, Sowle, Convocation Center, Brown, and Mackinnon) typically will not remain available for selection past the first two days of the selection process.  

    After all traditional four person rooms are selected, traditional and mod style facilities consisting of adjacent singles and doubles will be available to accommodate roommate groups with four people.  

    Note: students residing in suite style spaces are responsible for cleaning the bathrooms. Additionally, privacy locks are located on the inner side of the bathroom doors, but not located on the exterior side of the bathroom door.


What if I choose the wrong room?

  • Immediately after selecting a room, your fall 2017-18 room selection will be listed on your Housing Self Service overview and will be sent to your OHIO Catmail account.  

    Students who inadvertently selected the wrong room can contact Housing & Residence Life on the same day to request their selection be cancelled (along with any roommates that were pulled in). Students will be entered back into the selection process within 48 business hours and must repeat the process of adding/confirming roommates prior to selecting another room.

What is the difference between 'Select a Room' and 'Select a Suite' in Housing Self Service?

  • Rooms in Adams, Bromley, Carr, Tanaka, Sowle, and mod style facilities have been “suited” so that the student selecting the room can determine who is in their room AND who is in the adjacent room by selecting a suite.  

    For example, if there are four students who wish to live in adjacent singles in a mod style facility, the student would ‘Select a Suite’. By doing so, the student selecting can assign each student to a specific room in the predefined suite. 

Why can't I see all of the rooms available in Housing Self Service?

  • Students will only be able to view those rooms available on campus that can accommodate their entire roommate group. Additional options can be viewed by removing one, two, or all roommate requests.