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Second Year Room Selection


Where Do You Start?

Review the information posted here and check your Ohio University email!

The most important thing you can do to prepare for the Second Year Student Room Selection process is to review the information communicated by Housing and Residence Life. This page contains information designed to walk you through the process and answer many of the questions you might have. We also recommend that you regularly review the information that is sent to your Ohio University email account. Messages from Housing and Residence Life will come from housing@ohio.edu.

You can also receive updates to keep you on track by following Housing and Residence Life's Facebook page
( www.facebook.com/OHIO.housing ) or our Twitter feed ( @Ohiou_Housing ).

Contract & Deposit Payment

Step 1 

To access the online housing and dining contract, click on the “ Housing Self-Service ” button located on the housing main page.

Step 2

Log in using your OHIO ID and password. You will then see the Housing Self-Service homepage. Under 'Applications' select “Second Year Student Contract 2181 (Fall Semester 2017-18)” from the drop down list. 

Step 3 

Read and agree to the contract Terms and Conditions. Please note: by accepting the terms and conditions you are agreeing to a contract that is binding for fall and spring semester. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, you will be advised that a $200 housing deposit/prepayment is required and will be given the option to pay through CashNet. If you are not prepared to pay at this time, you can complete the housing application and your information will be saved. To pay the deposit at a later time, you must log back into your housing application and navigate to the end until you reach the payment page. 

Step 4 

Answer the application/contract questions and select a meal plan. 

Step 5 

If you did not pay when completing your application, finalize your contract by submitting a $200 housing deposit/prepayment. Payments must be received by February 17, 2017 by 3:00 p.m. 

Payments can be made online at the end of the contract completion process OR by submitting a check to the following address:  

Housing and Residence Life, Living Learning Center 215, 111 South Green Drive, Athens, OH 45701 

Please note: An online payment is recommended. If mailing a check, it must be received and processed no later than February 17, 2017 to be eligible for the selection process. Make sure you check your Housing Self-Service page to ensure that your check has been received and processed by the Bursar.  

If you complete your contract after February 17, 2017, you will be added into the Room Change Process that starts on April 17, 2017. You will be given an assignment of “ROOM CHANGE HALL”. This will allow you to be able to enter the process and switch rooms with available spaces. This process runs until August 1, 2017. You will need to log on to your Self-Service and select an available space by August 1. After August 1 you will be manually assigned into an available space.


Tips to Prepare

  • Review and understand the contract terms and conditions of the housing contract 
  • Make sure that you know your OHIO ID and password 
  • Make sure that you have everything you need to make your $200 housing deposit (credit card information, bank routing number or a check for $200 mailed before the deadline).  

Make Changes to the Contract

If you wish to make additions, deletions, changes to your contract, or meal plan you can do so online. To make changes to your personal preferences, visit the Housing Self-Service page.

Deposit Refund and Contract Cancelation Process

Second year or transfer students who decide not to attend Ohio University may request a refund of their $200 housing deposit up until May 1, 2017. All contract cancelations and deposit refunds must be requested in writing, via your OHIO email account, by fax or letter. The request must include your name and PID number and the request must be received by the May 1, 2017 deadline.

Please note: The refund request deadline also applies to students receiving an exemption to reside in a recognized fraternity/sorority house.

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Add A Roommate

Roommate requests can be added beginning February 20, 2017, by visiting Housing Self-Service. Detailed instructions will be sent to your Ohio University email account in addition to being posted on your Housing Self-Service page.


First Year Roommates

Due to hall configurations based on first year and second year standing you will not be able to select a roommate who is a new student.

Please note: all students wishing to room together must have a finalized contract (deposit paid) in order to be added as a roommate.

Step 1

Determine how many roommates you want to be matched with. You may request up to three roommates. You will need to provide the roommate's full name. If your requested roommate has a common name (i.e. Matthew Smith), it will be helpful to have the student's OHIO ID/email address. Roommate requests must be mutual PRIOR to selecting a room to be successful in the roommate selection process.

Reminder-only students who have finalized their housing contract (both completed and paid their deposit) can be considered for roommate selection.

Step 2

Visit Housing Self-Service  beginning February 20, 2017 select “Second Year Student - Add a Roommate” and add your roommate(s).

Helpful Hints

  • Make any additions and changes to your roommate requests in advance of your room selection time. You can make additions and deletions during the scheduled time of your selection, but using this valuable time when you could be selecting your room could result in another individual selecting the room that you want.
  • Only request those individuals you really want to live with. If you want to live in a double room, do not request more than one roommate. Online room selection will stop you in the selection process if your requested roommate(s) are greater than the room capacity or if they are not mutually requested.
  • If you are someone's roommate and they are eligible to select at an earlier selection date and time, that student will be selecting for you. HOWEVER, it is still your responsibility to confirm that you were pulled into a room as expected. If you were not, you may select during your designated selection time.
  • Students wishing to reside in a mod style facility with more than 3 roommate requests, or with roommate requests of mixed genders, will need to contact housing@ohio.edu to process their request. Please Note: wings of student rooms will still remain single-gender in mod-style facilities, with the exception of Gender Neutral Housing.

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Decide Where You Want to Live

The room selection process is set up in three distinctly different processes. There will be an earlier selection for students who will be participating in Return to Same Living Experience.

General Room Selection Process will begin March 20, and will be the process in which most second year students will select. Each student will receive a scheduled date/time during which they can select a room.

Housing and Residence Life will also offer a "Room Change Process" for those students who select a room and then decide to explore other room options on campus from April 17 to August 1.

1. Return to Same Living Experience Selection

The return to same living experience selection will be held on March 16, 2017 and will be available only to those students who have met the application and deposit payment deadline. This process includes the Communications Residential Learning Community, Women’s Leadership Studies, Substance Free, Quiet Study, Global Studies, Sports and Rec, and Scholarship Halls.  

NOTE: Some halls/rooms may have restrictions that will be communicated to residents.

Students wishing to be the roommate of a person who is returning to their same living experience can also be "pulled into" the room during this selection process. However, each student affected by this housing selection must be listed as mutual roommate(s) prior to the selection occurring.

2. General Room Selection Process

The campus wide selection will be held on March 20 to March 24 and will be available only to those students who have met the application and deposit payment deadline.

Students who did not meet the February 17, 2017 application/deposit deadline can select a room during the Room Change Process beginning April 17, 2017.

A returning student selecting a room will pull in all mutually requested roommates during this process. Once a student is pulled in as a roommate, they will no longer be eligible to participate in a selection process until the Room Change Process.

3. Room Change Process

Even with the online room selection process making it faster and easier for you and your requested roommates to choose a room, there is still no guarantee that everyone will be 100% satisfied with their final selection. The 'Room Change' process will allow you to have a second opportunity to choose a new room option.

The online room change process will take place from April 17 to August 1. During this time period, students can change rooms as many times as they like. If you do not find a room that you are interested in, keep looking! Rooms will open up throughout the duration of room change days.

Room changes for fall semester are as simple as completing the following steps:

  1. Log in to Housing Self-Service
  2. Click on 'Room Selection' and then on 'Select a Room/Suite'
  3. Look through the list of available rooms
  4. If you find a room you would like to select, click the 'Select Room' button
  5. Submit and finalize your request on the 'Room Booking' page

Once you change rooms, the room you selected becomes your housing assignments and your previous room becomes available for other students to select.

Please note: Students do not have to sign up to participate in the room change process for fall semester assignments. All students will automatically be able to participate in this process and can explore alternative room options that are available. Roommate requests CANNOT be "pulled in" during the room change process. Each person must individually select into the room if multiple space are available.


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Hall Configuration Summary

The configuration summary shows quick facts about each hall, including the capacity, any special communities that are housed there, if it has a laundry room and other interesting facts. The summary can be found here.


Select A Room

Step 1

Be prepared on your assigned date and time to select your room. You can find your selection date and time on your Housing Self-Service page. Note that on your Self-Service page two times will be displayed- the start time of the selection process and your specific date and time that you are able to select a room!


Step 2

Visit Housing Self-Service to make your selection. The room selection section can be accessed by selecting the 'room selection' tab located under the navigational toolbar. Detailed instructions for selection will be found in Housing Self-Service during the selection process.

Tips for Preparing for Room Selection

  • To prevent delays or problems with your online room selection, you should know your OHIO ID and password, make sure that all roommates are mutual (all have added each other), and have reviewed all green, building and room options that you are interested in. Be realistic with room availability and have several alternative selections in mind so that you have several back up plans!
  • Make sure that all roommates meet the criteria required for a particular building (i.e. required scholarship for Johnson/Read, etc.).
  • NOTE: Rooms in Bromley, Adams, Carr, Sowle, and Tanaka are suite doubles and triples. These triples/doubles share a bathroom with privacy locks on the inside of the bathroom door but not the outside. In these halls, you will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom. Furniture may not be moved from one side of the suite to the other for any reason in these five buildings.

Once You Have Made Your Selection

After you have completed your room selection, the assignment will appear on your Housing Self-Service overview page with any requested roommate information. In addition, a confirmation email containing your hall and room assignment will be sent to your OHIO email account within one day of your room selection date. Keep this email for your records.


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