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Tenant and all tenant's guests shall observe and comply with the Ohio University Student Code of Conduct and rules / regulations set forth in the lease agreement, as well as any other rules and regulations that the University may adopt.



If tenants want to park a vehicle near 31 S. Court St. then they need to work with Parking Services to purchase a parking permit.  Parking permits are not included in the apartment rent.  Spaces are limited and are sold on a first requested, first issued basis.  Tenants can begin requesting a permit for the next academic year two weeks prior to spring semester ending.  Please email parking@ohio.edu to express interest in Skyview parking.  The fee for parking is $750.00 for the school year and is subject to change each year.  The parking fee will be assessed to your Student Account.  You will need to take a copy of your lease and your Ohio University Student ID card to Parking Services.

Please contact Parking Services directly if you have any questions regarding parking.


Lock Out & Keys Policy

Tenants who accidentally lock themselves out of their apartments should contact the Apartment Manager to key them in to their apartment. Tenants should contact the manager on-call at 740-590-8979 for assistance.

Tenants will be provided with one free lockout per lease year.  Any additional lockouts will be billed as follows:

Additional Lockout Between 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM: $25.00 / lockout
Additional Lockout Between 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM: $50.00 / lockout

A lost key will result in a lock change and a replacement charge of $95.00 will be assessed.


Quiet Hours

Skyview is a close community and we must be respectful and appreciative of everyone around. Ongoing, loud noises will be addressed by Apartment Managers.  Quiet hours are in effect 24/7.


Check Out

Tenants must check-out with the manager when vacating their apartment. Failure to check out will also result in a $50 charge. You will need to allow at least one-half hour for check out. If occupants check out of their apartment during a weekend, they must make advance arrangements with the Apartment Manager. Check out times are between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. only.


Fire Alarm Procedures

Fire Evacuation

Fire safety is taken very seriously at Ohio University. Please comply fully with the building evacuation and re-entry procedures. Any time you hear the fire alarm you should pick up your keys, put on shoes, grab a coat (depending on weather), shut and lock your door, and leave the building immediately. Never use the elevator. Take the time to learn where the fire alarms and exit routes are from any room in the building. 

The Fire Evacuation meeting point for Skyview Apartments is across Court Street by CVS and Wendy's.

Also, do not assume that when you hear the alarm it is a drill, you never know if it is an actual fire or a drill. Please note that it is against the law and university policy to remain in the building during an alarm. Failure to leave the building can result in a university conduct referral. Also do not re-enter a building without being given the “all-clear” by a university official or emergency response personnel.

Never store trash, bicycles, furniture or other items in hallways or stairwells. These items can impede a safe exit from the building in the event of a fire. Never prop open stairway doors, because this can increase the spread of fire or deadly smoke and fumes to your living space unnecessarily.


Fire Safety Equipment

The building is equipped with pull stations, alarm horns and strobes, exit and emergency lights, fire extinguishers and every room is equipped with a smoke detector. Never attempt to disable or cover the smoke detector and never tamper with fire safety equipment. By doing so you are violating Federal law and the Student Code of Conduct, which may result in criminal charges and a conduct referral. Report any suspected problem with your smoke detector or other fire safety equipment to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (740-593-1666) or to your Apartment Manager.