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Residential Learning Communities

Residential Learning Communities (RLC) are formal course groupings for students that offer a residential component to merge academic exploration with on-campus living. The academic components of RLC are coordinated through University College’s Learning Community Programs, which also offers a large number of non-residential learning communities. Housing and Residence Life works in collaboration with University College to enhance the academic component of RLC with the opportunity for community growth and development within our residence halls. Any first year student interested in an academic learning community can find more information here.

Fine Arts : Army ROTC  : Transfer Student

Fine Arts: Lincoln Hall 

The Fine Arts RLC offers unique academic and creative opportunities for students from a variety of Fine Arts interests; including dance, music, theater, and art. Within the RLC, there are multiple “Experience the Arts” academic options, providing linked courses for students with the benefit of rehearsal and studio space within their living space. Lincoln Hall houses a dance and an art studio space, a music and computer lounge, and flexible multipurpose spaces. Recently renovated, Lincoln Hall is located across the street from Putnam, Glidden, and Seigfred Halls, which house the schools representing the College of Fine Arts. Visit the Fine Arts Learning Community page for information about faculty and staff serving the RLC, academic offerings, and to see pictures of participants and program facilities.

Army ROTC: Convocation Center

Students participating in the Army ROTC RLC will live in Convocation Center on West Green. The Army ROTC learning community supports academic exploration and community engagement for Army ROTC students. This learning community group is by invitation only from the groups' commanders. Only follow the link below if you've been in touch with an OHIO ROTC office.

Transfer Student: Adams & Bromley Halls 

Students participating in the Transfer Student RLC will live in Adams Hall on South Green or Bromley Hall on West Green. The Transfer Student RLC supports academic exploration and community engagement for students who are transferring to OHIO for the upcoming fall semester. This RLC offers a supportive learning experience that exposes students to new ideas academically in addition to a variety of opportunities to connect within the residential environment. To apply for this RLC, please click here.