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Outstanding Programs 

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Adjusting to College Life - Educational Program - Perkins Hall

A speaker came to Perkins to talk to freshmen about what to expect from college and how to adjust. A discussion concerning academics, relationships and social adjustment engaged residents and was very insightful.

The Plains Tornado Relief - Community Service Program - Gamertsfelder Hall

Staff organized cleanup days to help those who were affected by the tornado that occurred in The Plains this past September 2010. In total 61 residents and staff members across campus helped residents of The Plains clean their yards of debris and get their lives back to normal.

Playtime with Puppies - Social Program - Perkins Hall

Dogs were brought from the local Humane Society to give residents an opportunity to socialize and de-stress by playing with the animals. Administrators from the University were invited and came which resulted in an in-formal discussion about students’ concerns. Also, donations were collected to help the shelter with medical procedures and bills for the animals.

STD Dodge Ball - Educational Program - Washington Hall

Washington Hall got their residents involved with a fun, interactive and educational program that taught residents about the importance of safety and knowledge when being sexually active. Concept: traditional dodge ball but each ball was an STD/STI; if a student was hit then they would become “infected” and in order to get back in the game they would have to answer a question about STDs/STIs correctly. RAs were employed as “condoms” to protect random residents from an STD/STI.

Riveting Religious Regions - Diversity Program - Wilson Hall

A bulletin board that described twelve of the most common religions in the world. The bulletin board featured vital information about the beginning of the religion, its basic beliefs and practices, and the location of the largest concentration of its followers.

Dance Improvisation Workshop - Academic Collaboration - Lincoln Hall

Adriana Durant, visiting artist in residence for the School of Dance, lead an improvisation workshop where students could interact with someone in the field and and were able to explore and test their bodies and their kinetic awareness

Common Experience Book Club - Academic Collaboration / CEP - James Hall

James hall staff facilitated a book club centered around the the common experience project them of bright future / dark future. Professors from Political Science were also invited to discuss some of the topics found in the books, such as nuclear weapons and other threats.