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Relocate to Athens Campus

Am I a relocate student?

Students currently enrolled at one of Ohio University’s regional campuses who wish to begin taking classes on the Athens campus are considered “relocate students.” However, students must have earned a GPA of 2.0 or above to be eligible for relocation. A request for relocation can occur any semester in accordance with the Ohio University Undergraduate Catalog. Students relocating from a regional campus to Athen’s campus should complete an intent to relocate form. Once completed, your account will be reviewed to determine housing requirements. Students required to reside on campus will receive instructions from Housing and Residence Life regarding the process for completing a Housing Contract and selecting a room.


Intent to Relocate Form


Am I required to reside on campus?

Relocate students under the age of 23 who cannot demonstrate two full years’ in attendance at an institution of higher education after high school graduation must reside in Ohio University-owned housing and participate in the associated mandatory meal plan. Two full years in attendance must be demonstrated prior to the semester in which a student enrolls to be eligible to reside off campus.

Students can also request an exemption to the residency requirement if certain conditions are met to include: married, parent with child, veteran with 18 months of active duty, or an approved academic absence (medical withdraw, study abroad, approved internship). Please refer to the Housing Requirement section of this website for more information about housing requirements and the housing exemption review process. Students must be approved to live off campus by the exemption committee prior to signing an off campus lease.

Students demonstrating two full years of attendance in an accredited higher education institution after high school graduation can choose to either live in the residence halls or off campus.

If you have more questions or concerns about housing options, please contact Housing and Residence Life by calling 740.593.4090 or emailing housing@ohio.edu.

Relocate Students

  • Relocate students should contact the regional campus Student Services Office and ask about the relocate process. You can also visit Ohio University  relocate website  for a checklist and other pertinent information.

  • During the selection process, the room type will indicate if the room includes air or if the room does not have air. If manually assigned, room assignment will indicate if it does or does not have air on your Housing Self-Service

  • There are many services and programs available on campus to help relocate students make their transition to the Athens campus. Residential students should direct questions or concerns to the Resident Assistant (RA) within their residence hall. RAs can assist with connecting students with campus resources and with other students. 

    Additionally, Housing and Residence Life has 29 in-hall professional staff members (Resident Directors and Graduate Resident Directors) who work with all residents to establish a positive living environment and develop a strong community. Please see our staff directory for more information on our in-hall staff.

  • Relocating students can request to live with another relocating student, transfer student, or a current Ohio University second year student.

    Relocate students have the option of participating in the Returning Student Room Selection process held March 25-29. To be eligible to participate, students must submit an Intent to Relocate form, and once admitted to the Athens campus, complete the housing contract and submit the deposit by February 20, 2019 to be eligible for the Returning Student Room Selection process. Detailed information regarding the housing application and room selection process will be sent via a students’ OHIO email account upon completing the ‘Intent to Relocate’ form.

  • Room selection lottery numbers are completely random. The decision to randomly assign selection dates/times was recommended by students and endorsed by Student Senate.

  • There will be a room change opportunity after the initial room selection process ends. The room change process will remain open until August 1. A room change process is available during the academic term as well. Contact your ARD or Housing and Residence Life for details.

    This room change option is at no risk. Students will keep their current room until they find a new desired location and book the space during the room change lottery. Once in this lottery, students can change rooms as many times as desired.

  • Immediately after selecting a room, your Fall 2019-20 room selection will be listed on your Housing Self-Service overview and will be sent to your OHIO email account.  

    Students who inadvertently selected the wrong room can contact Housing and Residence Life on the same day to request their selection be cancelled (along with any roommates that were pulled in). Students will be entered back into the selection process and must repeat the process of adding/confirming roommates prior to selecting another room. Please note requesting to be removed and added back into the selection process can take up to 48 business hours and availability of rooms will change once added back in.

  • Students wishing to reside in a recognized fraternity/sorority will need to complete a Greek Life Exemption form to determine eligibility.  

    Once Housing and Residence Life receives notice from the Campus Involvement Center regarding your initiation status, you will be notified of the status of your request.  

    Students who submit a housing application, pay a deposit, and then decide to reside in a recognized Greek house will receive a refund of the deposit as long as the request for exemption is made by May 1, 2019. Exemption requests received after this date will not be eligible for a deposit refund.

  • Unfortunately, spaces cannot be held for students who have not yet been admitted to Ohio University.  

    Please contact Housing at  housing@ohio.edu  if you have a friend that is transferring in that you would like to room with.  

  • The Campus Involvement Center Office for Off-Campus Living Office serves as a resource for students by assisting with off-campus living issues and promoting positive relationships between student residents and the Athens community. Students can visit the Off-Campus Living website to find resources, contact information, and an off-campus rental listing system. You can also contact Off-Campus Living at  harrisob@ohio.edu.