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Resident Director Position

The Resident Director is a twelve-month administrative contract position within the Department of Housing & Residence Life and reports directly to an Assistant Director of Housing & Residence Life. The Resident Director directly supervises and coordinates the development of a residential community comprised of 200-600 residents. Resident Directors will either supervise a Graduate Resident Director and indirectly oversee their assigned building of 100-600 residents or oversee a collateral assignment rather than supervise a Graduate Resident Director. Resident Directors will be assigned summer assignments for approximately two months each calendar year.



  • Train, supervise, and evaluate a Graduate Resident Director (contingent on building/complex assignment)
  • Train, supervise, and evaluate the Assistant Resident Director and Resident Assistants
  • Assist in the recruitment, selection, and training of professional, graduate and student staff
  • Indirectly oversee the Graduate Resident Director(s) building/complex in collaboration with them and ensure the development of an inclusive community comprised of 100-400 students (contingent on building/complex assignment)
  • Provide training and ongoing development opportunities for all supervisees
  • Hold regular supervision meetings with all supervisees and weekly staff meetings for in-hall student staff
  • Evaluate all student staff and collaborate with staff develop to create action plans for growth
  • Participate in regular supervision meetings with the Assistant Director
  • Participate in weekly department meetings, including but not limited to Residence Life meetings and Green meetings
  • Serve as a positive role model in the position, of the department, and of the niversity at all times
  • Oversee a collateral assignment (contingent on building/complex assignment)


  • Facilitate the development of a positive and inclusive residence hall community
  • Develop meaningful connections with students and staff by being available and visible in the building/complex
  • Implement and coordinate a programming plan based on the community development model that meets the needs of your student populations
  • Facilitate staff member’s use of roommate and community agreements to identify student expectations and methods of holding each other accountable
  • Co-advise hall/complex councils and their programming efforts
  • Encourage student involvement and participation in activities, hall/complex councils, and other student organizations on campus
  • Conduct wellness checks of students in collaboration with the Dean of Students office to ensure the well-being of the students
  • Collaborate with faculty and academic support staff to promote the academic success of residential students
  • Collaborate and support the Faculty in Residence with their initiatives and integration into the community (where applicable)
  • Collaborate and support the Counselors in Residence with their initiatives and integration into the community
  • Support the efforts of residential learning community programs (where applicable)
  • Implement Specialized Living Experiences efforts (where applicable)
  • In conjunction with staff and students, plan and implement educational initiatives based off of “key topics” on the hall, green or campus level, as outlined in the community development model
  • Identify and address the developmental needs of students through educational interactions, crisis response protocol, and mediations
  • Demonstrate commitment to the development of students and advise them in the broad areas of academic, career, and personal concerns or refer them to the appropriate office
  • Participate in efforts to support student retention
  • Consistently enforce University and residence hall regulations through conversations with students, educational sanctioning, and effective communication with the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility
  • Serve as a hearing officer for cases involving violations of residence hall and University policies


  • Support the Division of Student Affairs mission and promote its initiatives and goals
  • Be an active member of the professional staff
  • Take initiative to become involved with opportunities to make a positive impact on the department, the division, the University, and off campus
  • Assist in the development and implementation of goals and priorities for the hall/complex, Green, and department
  • Participate in a departmental team, steering committees, or project groups
  • Participate in departmental and divisional training on an annual basis
  • Participate in departmental meetings, professional development series and any mandatory professional development events sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs
  • Participate on a Division of Student Affairs committee (optional)
  • Engage in activities to enhance academic and professional development on and off campus


  • Coordinate and oversee the administrative responsibilities of the building/complex including housing room changes, damage billing, community incident reports, conduct paperwork, etc.
  • Facilitate Move In and Checkout processes for fall and spring semesters
  • Oversee and audit building/complex keys
  • Manage the building/complex and hall/complex council budget
  • Hold weekly office hours for student and student staff walk-ins
  • Establish collaborative relationships with University colleagues, including Division of Student Affairs staff, the Ohio University Police Department, Residential Custodial staff, and Facilities personnel
  • Communicate facility and maintenance issues and share student needs and recommendations
  • Respond to crises, incidents, and facility needs that may arise in residential community during work hours and after work hours. 
  • Provide on-call crisis response and staff support for a green area serving approximately 2,500-3,000 students through the duty rotation
  • Coordinate Environmental Health & Safety Inspections with student staff
  • Work with several software systems to support students and staff
  • Be timely and accurate with all database updates, paperwork, and other reporting method

The employee is advised that depending on the nature of the contract for employment with Ohio University, an individual's personnel file may be subject to an open records request and may be disclosed pursuant to law.

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