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Residential Housing Advisory Committee 

Committee Charge

The Ohio University Ad Hoc Residential Housing Advisory Committee was formed by Ohio University President Roderick McDavis to conduct a detailed review of the Housing Master Plan that Brailsford & Dunlavey prepared for Ohio University.

Following completion of its research and review, the committee will develop and deliver a set of recommendations to the Ohio University Board of Trustees at the February 24-25, 2011 meeting. These recommendations will include next steps in the process to adopt a long-term plan for residential housing at Ohio University. This plan must be in concert with the University’s top strategic priorities, Strategic Enrollment Plan, Six Year Financial Plan, and Campus Capital Plan.


Mr. David Wolfort
Ohio University Trustee

Dr. Kent J. Smith, Jr.
Vice President for Student Affairs

Committee Members

Ms. Sandra Anderson
Ohio University Trustee 

Mr. Michael Angelini
Associate Vice President for Finance 

Mr. David Brightbill
Ohio University Trustee 

Mr. Craig Cornell
Vice Provost for Enrollment Management 

Dr. Thomas Davis
Secretary to the Ohio University Board of Trustees 

Dr. Norman E. Dewire
Ohio University Trustee 

Mr. Steve Golding
Vice President for Finance and Administration 

Dr. Joe McLaughlin
Chair, Faculty Senate 

Ms. Christine Sheets
Executive Director, Residential Housing 

Dr. Hugh Sherman
Dean, College of Business 

Mr. Kyle Triplett
Ohio University Student Trustee 

Ex Officio Members

Ms. M. Marnette Perry
Chair, Ohio University Board of Trustees

Mr. C. Robert Kidder
Vice Chair, Ohio University Board of Trustees