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Community Development

Community Development in the residence halls is an integral part of Ohio University's educational mission. Housing and Residence Life staff view residence halls as more than a place to rest one's head. Our residence halls are places to experience growth and connection. Residence Hall staff develop and implement initiatives as a means of supporting this growth and connection. The development of a community and the initiatives provided are based on the needs and interests of the residents. We strive to understand the pressing issues of college students and students at OHIO.

Our two-year live on requirement provides us with the opportunity to focus on issues facing our students during their first two years of college. Through our Community Development Model and Initiatives, we have chosen themes for each month that have been identified in literature and by our students to have significant impact on their experience during their first two years on-campus. As a department, we feel that it is important that students who live with us for two year have two different experiences, as it acknowledges their growth and changing priorities.

Community Development Initiatives come in many forms. They happen inside of the hall, such as discussions with faculty and administrators about community issues, bulletin boards that promote sound study skills, social events, or recreational activities. Community Development Initiatives can also occur when staff members facilitate attendance at events elsewhere on campus, or even off campus. These initiatives can include lectures, athletic events, performances, community service trips, or even trips out of the state. Another important piece of Community Development Initiatives is the Bobcat 2 Bobcats. This initiative focuses on the residence life staff member forming a connection with each resident, as well as helping residents connect with each other, which leads to stronger community experience.

Our professional staff members are student affairs professionals who train and support the student staff so that they can provide intentional community development initiatives that support both the academic and personal interests of our residents.

In keeping with the spirit of the Values of OHIO (The 5 Cs - character, community, citizenship, civility, and commitment ), our initiatives are grounded in college student development theory and guided by our departmental values:


We value environments that support educational opportunities for academic, personal, and professional development.


We value creating excellent experiences through the use of departmental resources, individualized guidance, innovative ideas, and purposeful engagement.


We value environments and resources that contribute towards social, physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and intellectual development.


We value fostering a sense of belonging to an environment that offers opportunities to share perspectives, acknowledges interdependence, and provide mutual support and understanding to all.


We value individual and interpersonal conduct guided by honesty, consistency, transparency, and ethical principles.


We value environments that support access, challenge biases, cultivate empathy, and foster respect and fairness for all.