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Move In Information 

Planning for fall semester move in 2016? Well you have come to the right place to plan your arrival to OHIO. Below are some resources to help you plan your trip to campus.

Arrival Guide

The arrival guide is maintained by the Dean of Students Office and includes driving directions to campus, opening weekend activities and other resources that you will need during opening weekend.

My Move In Flow Chart

Move in flow chart

Other FAQs

Looking for more information about the residence halls, roomates, room changes or meal plans? Check out our expanded FAQ for answers to the most common questions recieved by our office.

Bobcat Updates

Ohio University is teaming up with WXTQ Power 105.5 FM to present Bobcat Updates, a series of short radio spots with the latest information for this school year’s move-in weekend. Throughout the day on August 18 and 19, Power 105.5 will be the place to tune your radio for traffic updates and information about afternoon and evening activities around OHIO’s campus. Bobcat Updates will also feature call-ins from staff from the Division of Student Affairs, providing the classic “man-on-the-street” point of view while welcoming students, parents and friends to Ohio University!

Questions About Moving In

When can I move into my residence hall?

  • Move In Schedule for Fall Semester 2016: 

    Bromley Hall

    2nd Floor: Thursday, August 18th - 9:00am – 11:00am 
    9th Floor: Thursday, August 18th - 11:00am - 1:00pm 
    8th Floor: Friday, August 19th - 9:00am – 11:00am 
    7th Floor: Friday, August 19th – 11:00am – 1:00pm 
    6th Floor: Saturday, August 20th – 1:00pm – 3:00pm 
    5th Floor: Saturday, August 20th – 9:00am – 11:00am 
    4th Floor: Saturday, August 20th – 11:00am – 1:00pm 
    3rd Floor: Saturday, August 20th – 1:00pm – 3:00pm

    All other Residence Halls:

    1st Year Students (by last name)

    A through F – Thursday, August 18th 9:00am – 1:00pm 
    G through K – Thursday, August 18th 1:00pm – 5:00pm 
    L through R - Friday, August 19th 9:00am - 1:00pm 
    S through Z – Friday, August 19th 1:00pm – 5:00pm

    Returning Students

    Saturday, August 20th – 9:00am – 5:00pm

Where do I check in?

  • East & West Green Residence Halls:

    East and West Green residence halls report to the staff office of the building to which they are assigned. Each student will receive their keys and complete a Room Condition Report (RCR). There will be a table in the lobby of each residence hall where students will check in. If unattended, there will be a sign posted with directions to contact a staff person for assistance.

    In an emergency situation that requires a move-in occurring after 10:00 p.m., contact the Ohio University Police at 740. 593.1911. The police dispatcher will be able to contact a Housing and Residence Life staff member. 

    South Green Residence Halls:

    Adams Hall: Adams Hall 1st Floor 
    Tanaka, Luchs, Carr, Sowle: Living Learning Center 1st Floor 
    Brown Hall: Brown Hall 1st Floor 
    Pickering Hall: Pickering Hall 1st Floor 
    Crawford Hall: Crawford Hall 1st Floor 
    Mackinnon Hall: Mackinnon Hall 1st Floor 
    Wray, Ewing, Dougan and Hoover House: Wray Seminar Room 006 
    Atkinson, Armbruster, Smith, and True House: Atkinson Seminar Room 005 
    Martzolff, O’Bleness, Weld, and Fenzel House: Martzolff Seminar Room 005

Where can I find detailed information about move in?

  • Click  here  for driving instructions, evening activities, and other special information related to fall opening.

What can I expect during my first week in the residence hall?

  • When you move in you can expect to meet a lot of new people. You'll be meeting other students like yourself as well as becoming acquainted with various staff members. You will meet the Residential Housing In-Hall staff who are responsible for creating a positive living environment and helping you adjust to college life. Most important will be your resident assistant (RA). They are a student like you. Each RA is assigned to a floor section--a group of rooms--for which they are responsible. Your RA is trained to answer your questions, foster community living, and be a resource to you. During the first few days, your floor section will meet with your RA to discuss the activities and hall guidelines. The emphasis is on creating a safe and healthy living environment. As a member of a new community, you have input and a responsibility to create your community and maintain a comfortable living area. 

    You will also meet the Residential Custodial Services staff (RCS), who is responsible for keeping public areas such as the bathrooms and lounges of your building clean. They appreciate and expect your assistance in maintaining and preserving public areas.  Bromley, Adams, Tanaka, Sowle, Carr and Luchs Hall residents are responsible for cleaning their own shared bathrooms and should bring their own cleaning supplies.  You are responsible for the cleanliness of your own room and for your own trash removal. Most residence halls have a vacuum cleaner available for use during staff office hours.

What should I bring to campus with me?

  • -Alarm clock 


    -Bedspread, pillow, and mattress pad 

    -Blankets and sheets (for 80" twin bed) 

    -Clothes hangers 

    -Comfortable walking shoes 

    -Desk lamp 

    -Dust rag, dust spray 

    -First aid kit 

    -Laundry supplies (High efficiency detergent) 

    -Non-wall damaging adhesive for posters or decorations (we recommend 3M/Command products) 

    -Notebooks, pens, pencils, tape, stapler, paper clips, scissors 

    -Rain jacket/umbrella 

    -Rolls of quarters (if not using Bobcat Cash) for laundry/vending 

    -Shower bucket (to carry your shower supplies) 

    -Shower shoes/flip flops -Summer clothes (it's hot in Athens until October) 

    -Telephone (if you want to use the land line. Will require having room phone line activated by contact the OIT Service Desk) 

    -Towels and washcloths 

    -U.L. approved GFCI surge bars or power strips 


    Nice but not necessary: 

    -Carpet or rug 


    -Computer, ethernet cable, printer, ink cartridges, paper 

    -Dish washing soap 



    -Memo board or bulletin board 

    -Molding hooks and removable adhesive (we recommend 3M/Command brand products) 

    -Mugs and glasses -Paper towels 


    -Room decorations and posters 

    -Sewing kit 

    -Shoe bag or rack 

    -Silverware and microwave-safe dishes 

    -Television and coaxial cable 

    -Under-the-bed storage boxes 

    -Bike with bike lock

Is there anything I shouldn't bring?

  • Yes. For your own health and safety, the following items are PROHIBITED in the residence halls: 

    -The use or possession of dangerous weapons or materials within the residence halls is strictly prohibited. This includes firearms, other weapons and ammunition. Dangerous weapons or materials include, but are not limited to: handguns, automatic and semiautomatic firearms, compressed air guns (e.g. CO2 air guns / air-soft guns / paintball guns), pellet guns, bb guns, or a weapon of any description, including but not limited to ballistic or explosive devices, incendiary devices, fireworks, ammunition, or knives used to either cause or infer harm to self or others.

    -Cooking appliances, including crock pots, grills, toasters, or toaster ovens 

    -Alcohol (if you are under the legal age of 21) 


    -Crock pots 

    -Drugs (illegal) 


    -Fishnet or paper lanterns 

    -Hot plate or any open-coil cooking appliance 

    -Personal microwave or refrigerator (refrigerator and microwave provided) 

    -Personal air-conditioning units

    -Pets (other than fish) 

    -Posters that will cover more than 25 percent of your walls 

    -Duct/masking tape or other wall/furniture damaging tape product


What if I need to ship some items before my arrival?

  • You may ship items to your campus address. Please time such shipments so that they correspond with your arrival. United Parcel Service will not deliver to the residence halls for fall semester before the week of move-in.