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Specialized Living Communities 

Specialized living communities are unique residential environments that foster community growth and development through targeted programmatic and staff supported efforts. These communities are centered around a common set of values or ideals and are provided to students who are interested in connecting with other students with similar interests, backgrounds or experiences. Some of these communities require a contractual agreement aimed at upholding community standards and peer accountability. 


Submit a Specialized Living Community Proposal

Interested in sponsoring a Specialized Living Community in 2016-2017? Click here and fill out our Specialized Living Community Proposal form. Housing and Residence Life will review all proposals and be in contact with the community coordinators.

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OHIO First Scholars Living Community

This new living community will be located in an on-campus house that is right near College Green. It will house 37 first-generation college students, one first-gen Graduate Resident Director, and a first-gen RA. This community will offer a variety of ways to support first-gen residents as they transition from high school to college. For example, residents will be invited to networking opportunities with first-gen faculty and staff and will have access to free tutoring for any class they take. Residents will also have opportunities to participate in special events with prestigious university and community members as well as other events like workshops, social events, leadership development, and service projects. 

More information on the OHIO First Scholars Community can be found at

Sustainable Living Community

The Sustainable Living Floor will focus on providing a living environment for students who have made a decision to live in a more sustainable way.  Students will have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of exciting programs focusing on different sustainability themed concepts, topics, and skills. 

Sustainability, as defined at Ohio University, is the concept of utilizing resources in a way that does not negatively impact the ability of future generation to utilize the same resources (adapted from the Brundtland definition).  In that same vein, this floor will work to explore the triple bottom line (people, planet, prosperity) of sustainability and how it plays out in the life of a college student.

Participants of this floor will learn skills relating to gardening, water conservation, energy conservation, toxin reduction, waste reduction, career development techniques and much more.  This highly engaging experience is open to any student, regardless of academic discipline. 

More information on the Sustainable Living Floor can be found at

Substance Free Housing

Substance free communities are residential environments for students who have made a conscious lifestyle choice for substance free living. All residents of substance free housing commit to keep their living environment free of alcohol, drugs and tobacco products.

The Substance Free Community Contract is available for review here.


International Cultural Understanding Certificate

The International Cultural Understanding Certificate (ICUC) offers the opportunity to earn an academic certificate while broadening your cultural experiences and gaining other important professional skills for the future while residing on campus.  By participating in the activities associated with the ICUC, you'll have the chance to build upon your cultural competency, learn about different ways of life, and improve your ability to communicate with a variety of people.

There are three steps that must be completed to earn the certificate and more information can be found here: three steps for the certificate must be completed within one academic semester but the certificate can be completed multiple times throughout your time at Ohio University.

For the 2015-16 academic year, ICUC will have specific spaces held in Bromley Hall.  Current students who elect to participate in the program will be able to pull in one selected roommate into the suite. 


The Sustainable Living Floor will focus on providing a living environment for students who have made a decision to live in a more sustainable way.  Students will have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of exciting programs focusing on different sustainability themed concepts, topics, and skills. 


Gender Neutral Housing

Gender neutral housing communities focus on creating an inclusive environment where students can live in the same room with any student - regardless of sex, gender, gender identity / expression, or sexual orientation.

Students will indicate an interest in the option through the housing contract. These students will then be sent a supplemental application which will ask them to identify how they will enhance the community and benefit from the community. Applications will be reviewed by a team of staff and students.

The GNH Supplemental Application and the Community Contract can be found here.

More information on gender neutral housing can be found in the GNH FAQ.

Female Only Housing

The female only specialized living community is home to domestic and international female students. Residents of Voigt strive to build a strong, inclusive community where women can grow and develop together into strong female leaders on campus. Voigt is an energetic and creative community for women who want to create lasting friendships and positive experiences. Residents of the female only housing community agree to specific rules regarding male visitors. Male guests are allowed to visit Voigt Hall, but are prohibited from spending the night in the hall and must adhere to the standard guest policy.

Quiet Study Housing 

Quiet study communities put additional emphasis on creating a living environment that is more conducive to quiet study. Residents of quiet study facilities agree to keep all music and noise down to a level that can not be heard outside of their room. All other halls have quiet-hour policies with varying times from Sunday through Thursday, and a 24-hour quiet policy is in effect across campus during final exams.

The Quiet Study Community Contract is available for review here.

Residential Learning Communities

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are formal course groupings for students that offer a residential component to merge academic exploration with on-campus living. A wide variety of information on RLC's is found on our Residential Learning Communities information page.