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Guest Housing Regulations

A. Occupancy
Room occupancy must not exceed limitations on individual room requirements. Individuals exceeding occupancy will be required to secure additional space and / or obtain alternative housing.

B. Damage or Theft
Each guest is responsible for proper care and use of the facility. Any damage or missing items from individual rooms will be billed to the guest or the sponsoring department. Ohio University is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. All individuals are expected to lock their rooms / apartments at all times and to secure personal items.

C. Noise Restrictions
As a courtesy to neighboring rooms and apartments, guests are asked to keep noise to a minimum level. All social activity or meetings should be conducted within the public areas provided throughout the facility.

D. Age Restrictions
No individual under the age of 18 will be permitted to reside within the facility without adult supervision from a parent, counselor or university staff member. Additionally, beds are not available for infants.

E. Use of Alcohol
Alcohol may be permitted in accordance with Policy 24.001, "Use and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages on Ohio University Property and in Fraternity or Sorority Housing Units," and state law. Responsible behavior is expected at all times, and intoxication is never an excuse for inappropriate behavior. Guests may possess or consume alcohol only if they are of legal age to do so, and only in their residence or another residence of another guest who is of legal age. Use is prohibited outdoors, in lounges, meeting or conference rooms or other common places unless a special event has been approved.

F. Fire and Safety
Smoke detectors are located inside of each guest room and apartment. When a fire alarm sounds, all person(s) must vacate the building and re-enter only when authorization has been given by a university official or the Athens Fire Department.

G. Pets
No pets will be permitted at any time. Only service animals will be permitted for those requiring assistance. 


Additional Information

All university owned facilities are smoke-free. A damage fee will be assessed to those who choose to violate this policy within any of our facilities.

University guest must contact Transportation and Parking Services to secure a parking pass for their stay.

Dining Services
Dining facilities are available during the academic year. Guests will be able to purchase breakfast, lunch and dinner on a cash basis. Dining hall facilities may have limited services available on weekends or during break periods.

Laundry Center
A laundry center is available to all guests.