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Faculty-in-Residence Program Recruitment and Selection

  • Applications are open the Faculty-in-Residence Program beginning in 2021-2022 cycle.

  • To apply for the Faculty-in-Residence Program, please click here to submit your application (including CV). 

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis during Spring 2021 for the FIR cycle beginning 2021-22 Academic Year  

  • Interviews will take place approximately two weeks after submission of completed application. 

    • Interviews will consist of a 30min Q&A portion followed by a 30-minute presentation on student engagement

    • Interview prompt/rubric will be sent to applicants following the submission of a completed application.
  • Decisions will be sent out approximately one week after interview.

Faculty-in-Residence Program Mission 

The Faculty-in-Residence program is designed to enhance the academic life of residents and to support the academic mission of Ohio University by facilitating meaningful interactions among residents and faculty outside of the classroom.

Faculty-in-Residence Program Goals

  • To provide both formal and informal resident-faculty interactions in the residence halls. 

  • To increase faculty presence and role modeling in the residence halls.

  • To help residents navigate the transition between the classroom and the residence halls.

  • To provide residents additional academic resources in the residence halls. 

Faculty-in-Residence Program Outcomes 

Residents who interact with Faculty-in-Residence will develop informal relationships with faculty members, will be more likely to approach faculty members outside of the classroom and will learn how to appropriately interact with faculty through informal discussions. 

Faculty-in-Residence will engage with residents in the residence halls through formal and informal interactions, will have a better understanding of how students spend their time outside of the classroom at Ohio University and will have a better understanding of the residential campus concept at Ohio University. 

Housing & Residence Life Staff will be able to collaborate with Faculty-in-Residence on Community Development initiatives and will learn from Faculty-in-Residence through professional development opportunities. 


Faculty-in-Residence  Program Qualifications 

  • Must be a current Ohio University Faculty or Staff member in good standing and active pay status with the university 

  • Must be instructing at least one course or working full time in 2021-2022. 

  • Must be able to commit to a minimum of 100 hours per semester (Fall and Spring). 

  • Must be able to provide basic academic advising and coaching. 

  • Must have a specialized area(s) of expertise to share with residents and Housing & Residence Life staff. 

 Faculty-in-Residence Program Expectations 

  • A semester commitment of a minimum of 100 hours 

  • Establish goals and action plan for the academic year 

  • Weekly Community Development Initiative

    • Building Effort

  • Monthly Community Development Initiative

    • Green/Campus Effort

  • Professional Development Initiatives

    • Housing & Residence Life Student Staff-Monthly

    • Housing & Residence Life Professional Staff-Monthly

    • Housing & Residence Life Student Staff Training (August & January)

  • Meeting Attendance

    • Campus Faculty-in-Residence Meetings (twice per semester)

    • RD/GRD Meeting (once per month)

    • RA Staff Meeting (once per month)

    • Director of Residence Life (once per month)

  • Faculty-in-Residence Educational Video and Flyer Series

    • Complete a monthly video and flyer series with helpful educational/academic tips for residential students. 

    • Assistance will be provided by Housing & Residence Life to create and develop the video series.

  • Semester Review Process (November-December)

    • Submit FIR Semester Report (template provided)

    • Participate in a 360 Evaluation

    • Note: Semester Review will impact if you are invited to return for the next academic year. Decisions will be made by the end of January annually. \

  • Annual Review Process (April)

    • Submit FIR Annual Report (template provided)

    • Participate in a 360 Evaluation

  • Comply with Housing & Residence Life Apartment Agreement terms

Faculty-in-Residence Program Compensation & Benefits 

  • Fully furnished on-campus apartment-utility expenses included (approximately $12,000-$15,000 value) 

  • Laundry Stipend-applicable to apartments w/out Laundry (approximately $200 value) 

  • Dining Hall Meal Plan (approximately $2,000 value) 

  • Housing & Residence Life parking decal (approximately $400 value)

2021-2022 Faculty-in-Residence

Christina Wright
Christina Wright
Gamertsfelder Hall Faculty-in-Residence, Lecturer of Sports Administration, and Director of Graduate Assessment
David Lawrence
David Lawrence
Read Hall Faculty-in-Residence, Visiting Professor of Spanish
Kay-Anne Darlington
Kay-Anne Darlington
Jefferson Hall Faculty-in-Residence, Global Health Instructor
Peter Mather
Peter Mather
Crawford Hall Faculty-in-Residence, Professor and Chair, Counseling and Higher Education