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The Department of Housing and Residence Life, a unit of the Division of Student Affairs, is responsible for the overall operation and administration of all Ohio University housing, as well as the university's residential education program. 

Ohio University operates 41 residence halls housing approximately 8,000 undergraduate students. All of the residence halls are coeducational, with the exception of Voigt Hall, which is reserved for only women. 

Housing and Residence Life is one of the largest departments of Ohio University, with a staff of over 400 full-time, part-time, graduate and paraprofessional student employees. 


Housing and Residence Life Team: Hall Staff / Administrative Staff

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The use of "themes" was a longstanding tradition for the Department of Residence Life and continues to be central to the continuing work of the Department of Housing and Residence Life. The purpose for annual themes is to have an annual focus that would relate to the goals of the department and serve as a symbolic reminder of the purpose of our work. As an added element, staff are given a small gift relating to the theme that serves to further remind staff of their important role in the department. The power of the theme has grown throughout time. There is also a tradition of keeping the theme a "secret" until Orientation begins, which helps to keep staff excited and interested in beginning their year. One remarkable aspect of the themes is that staff really do take an interest and have a personal investment in supporting the theme and its relation to the goals. What follows is a brief synopsis of some past themes. Click here more information about Themes.

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