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The Department of Housing and Residence Life is committed to undertaking assessment and benchmarking projects that aid us in ensuring that we are providing students with a safe, supportive, comfortable and educational environment.

Assessments that are regularly completed by the department include:

Skyfactor Survey

  • The Skyfactor survey is used to determine residents' satisfaction with different aspects of the residential experience. The areas assessed include in-hall staff, dining services, facilities and programming, among others. The Skyfactor survey is distributed to all residential students at the end of spring semester.

First Year Involvement Study (in conjunction with Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics)

  • To see how pleased and adjusted first-year students have become, all first-year students are asked to complete the First-Year Involvement Study during Spring semester. The purpose of the survey is to identify how involved first-year students are and which students may be at risk for leaving the university. Experience tells us that the more involved students become in their new environment, the more likely they will stay at college and be successful.

Staff Satisfaction Survey

  • This survey is focused on assessing the satisfaction and perceptions of our staff. Information from this survey is used to inform decisions related to the staff experience within our department.