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Academic Collaboration

As the Department of Housing and Residence Life, we value scholastic environments and opportunities that enhance academic success. Recognizing that academic collaborations support such success, we encourage intentional interactions or integration of residential education efforts with the educational efforts of academic units. Examples of academic collaboration within Housing and Residence Life include but are not limited to:

  • Experiential Living Opportunities
  • Residential Learning Communities
  • Collaboration with faculty on student concerns / issues
  • Providing resources to connect students with academic tools
  • Supporting the initiatives of key academic units such as the Allen Student Help Center and Alden Library

Experiential Living Opportunities

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs)

Colleges and universities across the United States have embraced learning communities. These initiatives involve co-enrolling students in two or more common classes, supporting students in the formation of learning-based peer networks, and fostering educationally purposeful interaction between faculty and students in and out of the classroom. Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) provide these opportunities within a residence hall environment. Involvement in RLCs positively affects class attendance, faculty satisfaction while teaching, class participation, residence hall community building, retention, and student satisfaction with Ohio University.

Each RLC consists of first-year students living in the same residential area who take an introductory course together in the Fall as well as one or two linked courses that relate to the theme. All of the linked courses count either toward the students' general education requirements or college requirements.

To learn more about all of the Learning Communities at Ohio University, including RLCs, and how to become involved, please visit the Learning Communities site.