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Office of Nationally Competitive Awards (ONCA)


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Junior Fellows Program U

Provides graduating seniors with research assistantships with the Endowment’s senior associates.


Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship  U, G

Offers college graduates field experience working on community-based hunger and poverty efforts as well as national public policy.


Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship U, G

Provides college graduates with the opportunity to work with junior staff members at Washington D.C. organizations focused on peace and security.


Morris K. Udall Scholarship U

Provides scholarships to sophomores and juniors interested in a career related to the environment, Native American healthcare, or a career in tribal public policy


Humanity in Action Fellowships in Europe U, G
Provides intensive, five-week summer programs focused on the history of discrimination and resistance, democracy, and minority rights in Europe.



Graduate Student Funding
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