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Future Students

Studio Art

The Honors Tutorial College offers a rigorous program in studio art that encourages disciplinary focus within a meaningful interdisciplinary context, cultivating both rigor and breadth for highly motivated and self-disciplined students. Individual curriculums reflect intensive practical training, scholarly research in art history, critical theory and relevant research fields, opportunities for collaboration, and professional experience. The program’s mission is to train highly skilled artists with a broad understanding of contemporary art. The program also emphasizes critical skill development and a strong intellectual framework for student work. The program prepares students for entry into MFA courses of study and other related professions in the field.

Program Overview

Students are required to take one tutorial per semester that addresses a topic of relevance to the student’s concentration. Tutorials encompass a diverse range of subjects including: practical training; scholarly research, whether in the School of Art + Design, College of Fine Arts, or the university; and professional experience. 


The tutorials in the first year are designed to complement and intensify introductory level coursework, providing a more in-depth studio experience.  Second year tutorials may focus on studio areas, honing a medium of concentration while exposing students to a diversity of contemporary art practice, or relevant areas of scholarly research.


 In the third year, students begin research on a studio topic that will culminate in the fourth year as the thesis exhibition and paper. In the spring semester of the third year, students submit a written proposal for the written thesis/BA exhibition in an interdisciplinary arts context. In the fourth year, students pursue their specialization in depth, developing a body of work for exhibition and producing a written thesis based on original research that relates to their artistic interests. 


Coursework is developed in conjunction with and the approval of the Director of Studies. Programs of study typically include introductory and advanced studio, introductory and advanced art history, internships, professional practice, and collateral studies with the School of Art + Design, College of Fine Arts, and the university.


Required courses include:
HTC Freshman Seminar 
Studio Foundations: Description, Function, Image, and Structure
Freshman and Junior Composition 
Tutorials: 8 tutorials, including 2 senior thesis tutorials 


Applicants are selected on the basis of superior academic ability and the potential for self-motivated study and research. Portfolios are evaluated on their technical facility, conceptual and aesthetic integrity, and evidence of experimentation. Portfolios must include documentation of 20 works that ideally represent an area of focus as well as examples of broad-based talent. At least three mediums should be included in the portfolio and may encompass drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, sculpture, ceramics, and media-based work.


Applicants must submit an initial portfolio in electronic format for review with their HTC application: 20 jpegs sized at 72 dpi, no bigger than 8.5″ x 11″ each (612 pixels by 792 pixels). Each jpeg should be labeled with the applicant’s name and a number that corresponds to a document that lists the works with information about medium and dimensions. For example: Jane_Photographer_01, Jane_Photographer_02, etc. If selected for an interview, applicants are required to bring a portfolio that includes the work represented in the application. A high school class rank in the upper 10%, high scores on standardized tests (our students typically have an average of a 30 ACT, 1300 SAT) and an on-campus interview with the Director of Studies in Studio Art are all required for entry.


The Director of Studies consults with tutors about student progress, identifying areas of strength and weakness, so that the subsequent tutorials can grow strengths and appropriately address deficits. Tutors determine specific evaluation criteria and assignments, and students receive letter grades consistent with the university grading system. Tutors complete course evaluations and descriptions of students’ work, which are a part of students’ official academic record. All students have a progress review fall semester of the second and fourth years with the Director of Studies and the dean.

Further Information

Laura Larson

Director of Studies

Studio Art Program of Study

Seigfred Hall 207

Athens, OH 45701

(740) 593-4288

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