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Future Students


The tutorial program in Spanish offers the student a comprehensive and systematic study of the Spanish language and of the literature, civilization, and culture of Spanish speakers. The student is expected to complement the program by taking courses and/or attending lectures on related subjects in order to achieve a clear perspective of the field and of its relationships to other aspects of human life.


The requirements for graduation are a mastery of the Spanish language; a thorough knowledge of Hispanic literature, civilization, and culture; and a specialized, high level of proficiency in one area of the field. Meetings and assignments are left to the discretion of the tutor; specific requirements for the individual student, designed to correct their weaknesses, will be determined by the tutor.

Program Overview

In order to graduate, students must complete the following (unless otherwise advised):

  • A study abroad experience in a Spanish-speaking country of at least 10 weeks
  • An Oral Proficiency exam (minimum of Advanced Low level)
  • 40 hours of studies in Spanish, including tutorials


During the first year, provisions are made for the development of linguistic proficiency as needed; students, however, are expected to have enough prior knowledge of Spanish to read contemporary material without excessive difficulty, thereby reducing the need for remedial work. 


All students are encouraged to take advantage of the different programs offered by the Spanish faculty and by the Modern Languages Department. For this reason they shall have free access to all Spanish classes at any level and to the language laboratory. Students are also encouraged to take part in the study abroad programs in Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain offered by the Department of Modern Languages and to develop their own program of study with the advice of their tutor. Students may also participate in study abroad programs outside of Ohio University. In addition, students are encouraged to take courses in Portuguese and participate in the study abroad program in Brazil.


In consultation with his or her tutor, the student will select work in the following general areas:

  • Language: This involves studying the History of the Spanish Language, Grammar, Phonetics, Stylistics, Language Teaching, and Linguistics.
  • Literature: Literature studies include Medieval Spanish Literature, Golden Age Spanish Literature, Neoclassicism, 19th and 20th Century Spanish Literature, Latin American Literature to 1900, and 20th and 21st Century Latin American Literature.
  • Civilization and Culture: Students will study both Spanish Civilization and Culture as well as Latin American Civilization and Culture.


All applicants must submit complete transcripts including work done at other colleges or universities. Students should be in the upper ten percent of their high school class. In addition, students should have at least 30 ACT composite or equivalent ACT. This requirement may be modified for particular majors or in unusual circumstances.


Students also should submit two letters of recommendation, preferably from teachers (or one from a teacher and one from a guidance counselor), and a piece of original written work in Spanish with their application. The application deadline is November 15th.

Further Information

Dr. Betsy Partyka

Director of Tutorial Studies

Spanish Tutorial Program

Ohio University

Gordy Hall 283

Athens, OH 45701-2979

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