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Future Students


The Honors Tutorial College program in history offers exceptional students the opportunity to study the many aspects of history in one-on-one relationships with our faculty members. Maximum opportunities will be afforded for the student to progress well beyond the material found in conventional courses. 


The primary purpose of the tutorial program is to serve as preparation for graduate study. Students will receive a degree of Bachelor of Arts in history from The Honors Tutorial College.

Program Overview

Students are required to complete 8 tutorials within the history department, including 2 devoted to the thesis. In addition to the tutorials, the student must complete the freshman and junior English composition requirement, 2 years of a foreign language, 2 introductory history courses, and 10 history courses above History 2999, History 3111J, 7 non-History Arts & Sciences courses, and an appropriate number of approved electives.


Internships and/or study abroad may be included within the program with special permission from the Director of Studies (credit will only be given once). 

The Honors Thesis

The senior thesis is a reflection of the student's special interests. Its acceptance, dependent upon an appropriate mixture of research and analysis, relies upon the judgment of their committee or the Director of Studies. It is expected that this major paper will constitute work of the highest quality in investigating a problem of concern to both scholars and practitioners. Although an intensive study of relevant theoretical and research literatures is the underpinning of the thesis, students are encouraged to augment this scholarly base with field data whenever possible.


Students are selected by the Director of Studies of the History Tutorial Program and the Honors Tutorial College on the basis of superior ability and sustained motivation. We look for good scores on standardized tests (30 composite score on the ACT or equivalent SAT score), but we also require a good high school record (class standing in the top 10%). 


The personalized aspects of the tutorial system occasionally make it possible for us to accept students who have not performed well on standardized measures of ability but who demonstrate exceptional aptitude in other ways. Although this is a four-year program, consideration will be given to applicants of first-semester freshman.


The deadline for application for admission is November 15th, and admission interviews are held in January.

Further Information

Dr. Miriam Shadis

Department of History

Ohio University 

455 Bentley Annex


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