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Future Students

Geological Sciences

Program Overview

The HTC program in the Geological Sciences offers high-achieving students curriculum focused on geology and its allied sciences. After courses in physical geology, historical geology, stratigraphy/sedimentology, geomorphology, igneous petrology, petrography, and structural geology, HTC students will take capstone courses in geodynamics, earth system science, and field camp in addition to chemistry, physics (or biology), and calculus requirements. 

HTC students will also take writing courses to improve their scientific communication skills.  The academic experience will culminate in a bachelor’s thesis research project to be presented at a geological meeting. Graduates of this program receive a Bachelor of Science degree from the Honors Tutorial College and are prepared for graduate study in any geologic discipline.


Students are required to participate in eight tutorials (one for each semester enrolled in the program). In the final year, the tutorials will be dedicated to thesis work. Honors Tutorial students must take a minimum of 15 hours a semester.

Honors Thesis

Research within the honors thesis research project will reflect the interests of the student and his/her thesis advisor. The thesis prospectus will be 10 pages long and must include an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 20 entries. It is expected that this research will be presented at a geology meeting venue as a poster or oral presentation. A high-quality publishable study with data collection is expected from an honors tutorial student.


Applicants are expected to a have a high school class rank in the top ten percent and to have achieved a composite ACT score of 30 or equivalent SAT score. Two letters of recommendation from high school teachers (at least one from a science or math teacher) are strongly recommended.  An on-campus interview is required.

Students wishing to transfer should contact the Director of Studies by the middle of fall semester of their freshman year regarding the procedure for application. The student must have taken coursework comparable to a freshman HTC student and have at least a 3.7 cumulative GPA.

Additional Information

Dr. Keith Milam
Department of Geological Sciences
Ohio University   



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