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Future Students

Computer Science

The computer science program of study offers exceptional students a unique opportunity to engage in an intensive and personalized study of various topics in computer science. This program seeks to prepare highly motivated students for successful careers in either academia or industry. Students in this program are afforded the freedom to construct a program of study (around a core of requirements) that is designed to meet their intellectual interests. Upon successful completion of this program, students receive the degree Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and are ready to begin graduate work. 


Please note, however, that this unique program differs from the standard B.S. degree in Computer Science that is offered by the Russ College of Engineering and Technology. The B.S. degree in Computer Science from the Russ College is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4014. The B.S. degree program in Computer Science offered by the Honors Tutorial College is not accredited by this organization.


Program Overview

The Honors Tutorial Program in computer science stresses the fundamentals of computer science. A significant amount of student's work takes place in tutorials. These consist of weekly instructional sessions with a faculty tutor who directs the student's independent work in a specified topic area. One tutorial is taken each semester. In addition to tutorials, students take a core set of courses in Computer Science and other disciplines. Tutorial students are encouraged to develop broad academic backgrounds through courses in areas outside of Computer Science, such as English, science, and mathematics. Students are also encouraged to develop independent research and professional skills.



Core Computer Science and Engineering

Students take tcore courses in computer science and engineering: CS 2400 (Introduction to Computer Science I), CS 2401 (Introduction to Computer Science II), CS 2650 (Computer Ethics), CS 3200 (Programming Languages), CS 3560 (Software Development Tools), CS 3610 (Data Structures), CS 4000 (Distributed/Parallel/Webcentric), CS 4040 (Design and Analysis of Algorithms), CS4420 (Operating Systems), CS 4560 (Software Design and Development I), CS4561 (Software Design and Development II), EE 1024 (Introduction to Computer Engineering), EE 3613 (Computer Organization), and EE 3954 (Microprocessors and Microcontrollers).



Students take 6 non-thesis tutorials in advanced areas of computer science, such as Real-Time Systems, Bioinformatics, Parallel Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Language Theory, Networking, Computational Geometry, Robotics, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Computational Complexity, or other areas. Students take 2 thesis tutorials in their senior year.


Mathematics and Science

Students take five mathematics courses: CS 3000 (Discrete Structures), EE 3713 (Applied Probability and Statistics for Electrical Engineers), MATH 2301 (Calculus I), and MATH 2302 (Calculus II), Math 3200 (Applied Linear Algebra) or Math 3210 (Proof Based Linear Algebra), One Year of Lab Science (Physics 2051 and 2052, Chemistry 1510 and 1520, or other year of Lab Science), One additional semester of Lab Science from a different field of science.



Students are encouraged to develop superior verbal skills. To this end, students must complete the general education requirement for freshman and junior English composition. 



All students in the Honors Tutorial College are required to complete a thesis their senior year.


Eligibility and Admission

The HTC Computer Science program admits a limited number of students each year. These students are selected by the Computer Science Director of Studies and the Honors Tutorial College. Students applying for this program should have exceptional ability and interest in computer science as demonstrated by superior high school grades or class rank, a score of 30 or above on the ACT or equivalent SAT scores, outstanding letters of recommendation, or other indicators of special ability. An interview with the Director of Studies is also required.


Additional Information

Dr. David Chelberg 

(740) 593-1251

322B Stocker Hall

Ohio University

Athens, Ohio 45701


Additional information can be found at

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