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Future Students

Art History

The Honors Tutorial program in Art History balances a commitment to breadth and rigor with an opportunity for self-disciplined and highly motivated students to explore fundamental and cutting-edge issues creatively. 


It is a four-year program during which time students are expected to take a tutorial course each term, along with language, collateral studies and upper-division art history courses. This enables students to acquire the full range of skills necessary to successfully continue in graduate study. Students will have excellent opportunities for intensive study with the art historians in the School of Art + Design.

Program Overview

Tutorials during the first two years have fixed content. The tutorials in the first year cover general knowledge of art history but through a more intense and in-depth experience than would otherwise be available to students. Second year tutorials focus on each of the fields of Art History covered by art history professors. This will expose students to a wide variety of art historical research on topics throughout history and across the globe.


In the third year, one tutorial concentrating on methodologies is required. Students then decide on a topic for the thesis and begin research through a review of the literature on the topic. This is followed by a proposal for the thesis in an area of specialization that will become the focus of the students' tutorial courses in the remainder of the the third year and throughout the fourth.


Tutorials and courses in the fourth year will enable students to pursue areas within their specialization in depth. Students will focus their tutorials to develop and write a thesis based on original research.


Applicants are selected on the basis of superior academic ability and the potential for self-motivated study and research. A high school rank in the upper 10%, strong scores on standardized tests (our students typically have an average of a 30 ACT or equivalent SAT), and a personal interview with the Director of Studies of the Art History Program of Study are all required for entry as a freshman. 


Tutorials: A total of eight tutorials are required. 

  • Six tutorials related to foundational art history topics and two tutorials for thesis work.


Upper Division Art History Courses: 

  • Two each of western art history, non-western history, and theory. These courses are to be selected from the distribution area list compiled by the Art History department.
  • The remaining three courses are 3000/4000 level AH electives to be chosen in consultation with the student's thesis advisor. Taken during the fourth year, these courses are meant to inform the thesis project.


Language Courses: Two years of foreign language courses in two different languages.


Collateral (Supplemental) Courses as approved by the Director of Studies.


One freshman HTC seminar (HTC 2500), one freshman composition course, and one 300-level writing course are also required.


A thesis that makes an original contribution to the field.

Additional Information

Dr. Jennie Klein
Department of Art History
Ohio University
436 Seigfred Hall
(740) 593-4283

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