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Studio Art

Associate Professor, Laura Larson
(740) 593 4288
Seigfred Hall 207

B.A. English  Oberlin College

M.F.A. Visual Arts  Rutgers University


Scholarly Interests

Larson's work examines the complex relationship between belief, vision, and technology in spirit photography—the practice of recording paranormal phenomena. Her most recent multi-media project, Electric Girls and the Invisible World, follows a group of five teenage girlfriends and their mysterious connection to the 19th century medium Eusapia Palladino. Central to this project is a consideration of the relationship between analog and digital practice in contemporary photography with a particular emphasis on how concepts of the index, memory, and history are reworked in a digital framework. Electric Girls and the Invisible World was exhibited in one-person exhibitions at Lennon, Weinberg Gallery in New York City and Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, OH. Jaleh Mansoor writes in Artforum of the project:

Recalling Surrealism, in which artists such as Man Ray yoked new mechanical apparatuses of vision to quixotic forms of spirituality, the video poses questions such as: What is a medium, in all the word's multiple inflections? How are film and photography a form of clairvoyance, or an obstacle to it? How is banality linked to psychic connection and the supernatural? Onto what darkness does the conquest of the everyday open?

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