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Edwin and Ruth Kennedy Distinguished Professor of Physics, Dr. David Drabold
(740) 593-1715
Clippinger 357B


Ph.D.: Washington University (St. Louis) (1989)

Scholarly Interests 

Dr. Drabold's research areas include Theoretical Condensed Matter, Computational Methodology for Electronic Structure, and Theory of Topologically Disordered Materials. He is a member of the Condensed Matter and Surface Science Program at Ohio University.



Selected Publications

Dr. Drabold's recent publications include "Symmetry Breaking and low energy conformational fluctuations in amorphous graphene" (2013), "Direct ab initio molecular dynamic study of ultrafast phase change in Ag-alloyed Ge2Sb2Te5" (2013), and "Dangling-bond defect in a-Si:H: Characterization of network and strain effects by first-principles calculation of the EPR parameters" (2013). 

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