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Associate Professor, Dr. Todd Eisworth
(740) 597-2711
Morton Hall 552


Ph.D., Mathematics: University of Michigan, 1994

Scholarly Interests 

Dr. Eisworth’s areas of interest include general topology and set theory. 


Selected Publications

His publications include “On Iterated Forcing for Successors of Regular Cardinals” and “Uniformization and Anti-uniformization Properties of Ladder Systems” in Fundamental Mathmatics, “Successors of Singular Cardinals and Coloring Theorems I” in Archive of Mathematical Logic, “First Countable, Countably Compact Spaces and the Continuum Hypothesis” in Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, “Countable Compactness, Hereditary π-character, and the Continuum Hypothesis” in Topology and its Applications, and “Elementary Submodels and Separable Monotonically Normal Compacta” in Topology Proceedings.

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