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Environmental & Plant Biology

Associate Professor, Dr. Harvey Ballard
(740) 593-4659
Porter 406


Ph.D.: University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1996

Scholarly Interests 


Dr. Ballard’s main area of research is phylogenetic systematics, plant systematics, and evolution. 

Selected Publications

His publications include “A taxonomic revision of Collinsia (Lamiaceae) based on phenetic analyses of morphological variation” and “Hekkingia (Violaceae), a new arborescent violet from French Guiana, with a key to genera in the family” in Systematic Botany, “Molecular phylogenetic relationships among Lemnaceae and Araceae using the chloroplast trnL-F intergenic spacer” in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, “Phylogenetic relationships among pansies (Viola Section Melanium) investigated using Internal Transcribed Spacer DNA (ITS) sequences and Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) markers” in Plant Systematics and Evolution, and “Genetic diversity and molecular phylogeography of peripheral and interior populations of Froelichia floridana s. l. (Amaranthaceae) inferred from Inter-Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSRs)” in Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society.

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