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Environmental & Plant Biology

Associate Professor, Dr. Jared DeForest
(740) 593-0742
Porter 419


Ph.D.: University of Michigan, 2004

Scholarly Interests 

Dr. DeForest’s research goals are to improve our understanding of how the phy8iscal environment alers the structure and function of ecosystems, either natural or anthropogenic. Most of his research involves investigating the influence of soil microorganisms mediating the cycling of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus. One active project involves understanding the role of social acidity and phosphorus influencing the carbon and nitrogen cycle in acidic hardwood forests. His research draws from soil science, ecosystem ecology, microbial ecology, and forestry 

Selected Publications

Cheng, L., Chen, W., Adams, TS, Wei, x, Li, L, McCormack, ML, DeForest, JL, Koide, RT and Eissenstat, DM, 2016. Mycorrihizal fungi and roots are complementary in foraging within nutrient patches. Ecology.

Chen, W., Koide, RT., Adams, TS, DeForest, JL, Cheng, L and Eissenstat, DM, 2016. Root morphology and mycorrhizal symbioses together shape nutrient foraging strategies of temperate trees. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, p.201601006

Carrino-Kyker, SR., Kluber, LA, Petersen, SM, Coyle, KP, Hewins, CR, DeForest, JL, Smemo, KA and Burke, DJ, 2016. Mycorrhizal fungal communiities respond to experimental elevation of soil pH and P availability in temperate hardwood forests. FEMS microbiology ecology, 92(3), p.fiw024

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