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Associate Professor, Dr. Ruth Palmer
(740) 597-2108
Ellis Hall 210F


Ph.D.: University of Cincinnati, 1989


Scholarly Interests 

Dr. Palmer's areas of research include earliest Greek scripts, Greek Bronze Age society, women in Mycenaean Greece, ancient farming, and the history of Greek archaeology.


Selected Publications

Published chapters in books include “Trade in Wine, Perfumed Oils and Foodstuffs: The Linear B Evidence and Beyond,” in Sea Routes...Interconnections in the Mediterranean 16th-6th c. BC. (2003), “Wine in Bronze Age Crete: the Textual Evidence” in Oinos palaios hedupotos: to kretiko krasi apo ta proistorika os ta neotera khronia (2002) and “Bridging the Gap: the Continuity of Greek Agriculture from the Mycenaean to the Historical Period” in Prehistory and History: Class, Ethnicity and Political Economy (2001). Published papers include “Perishable Goods in Mycenaean Texts” in Proceedings of the 10th International Colloquium on Mycenaean and Aegean Texts (1999) and “Linear A Commodities: a Comparison of Resources” in Aegaeum 12 (1995).

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