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Geological Sciences

Assistant Professor , Dr. Keith Milam
Clippinger Laboratories 213


Ph.D., 2007, Univeristy of Tennessee 
M.S., 2002, University of Tennessee
B.S., 1997, Western Kentucky University 

Scholarly Interests 

  • Geology of Mars
  • Impact Cratering
  • Remote Sensing


Dr. Milam’s research interests are varied in the field of planetary geology but commonly integrate aspects of mineralogy, petrology, remote sensing, and geomorphology. His primary research involves tracking the evolution of the Martian interior and modification of surface by use of thermal emissivity spectra and visible imagery. Additionally, he is very interested in impact cratering research, specifically, how central peaks (or uplifts) are formed during the impact cratering process.


Selected Publications

Dr. Milam’s recent publications include “Distribution and variation of plagioclase compositions on Mars” (2010) in Geophys., “Evidence of Maximum Age of the Serpent Mound impact Event from Shatter Cones” (2010) in The Ohio Journal of Science, “An Anomalous Breccia Associated with the Serpent Mound Impact Crater” (2010) in The Ohio Journal of Science, “Identity and emplacement of domical structures in the eastern Arcadia Planitia, Mars” (2007) in Geophys., and “Plagioclase compositions derived from thermal emission spectra of compositionally complex mixtures: Implications for Martian feldspar mineralogy” (2007) in Geophys.


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