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Scholars Residence Halls

Honors Tutorial College students are given preference to live in scholars-only residence halls that are designated for HTC students and students who have earned selective academic scholarships at Ohio University.


Read-Johnson Scholars Complex

Located in the heart of beautiful East Green, the Read-Johnson Scholars Complex is a newly renovated set of buildings that house student scholars. Students living in RJSC have access to resources, selective staffing and special programming designed to help them enrich their intellectual, social, and academic horizons. The Complex provides a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural environment for students with high academic standards and a broad range of interests.

Okay, so I’m interested. What are the special features of Read-Johnson?

Besides having the standard features available in all OU residence halls [CATVision cable TV service, high-speed ethernet and wireless Internet access, a micro-fridge (refrigerator/freezer and microwave) and a mailbox], each room in Read-Johnson has a sink and a thermostat for individual temperature control. Each building is fully air-conditioned and all furnishings are new. All rooms include for each resident an extra-long twin size bed, a desk with chair, moveable two-drawer storage cubes, and a wardrobe. Read-Johnson is smoke-free and has both formal lounges and study lounges. The student ID provides electronic access to these dorms. Although Read-Johnson does not have laundry facilities, Gamertsfelder Hall, located just a minute away, has both washers and dryers. 


What kind of room can I get in Read-Johnson?

Read-Johnson is a co-ed complex. Read Hall can accommodate 125 scholars; Johnson can accommodate 108 scholarship recipients. Upperclassmen and freshmen are not separated on designated floors. Most rooms are doubles; however, Read Hall has several triples. Both Read and Johnson have limited single rooms available.

If I decide to live in Read-Johnson, what campus locations would be close?

Located on East Green, Read-Johnson is near all central campus locations, such as Ellis, Gordy, Morton, Glidden, and Scripps halls. Campus Care and Chubb Hall are also in proximity. Shively dining hall is located on East Green very near to the Complex.

I already know the person I want as my roommate. Will that choice be honored if I live in Read-Johnson?

Your roommate choice will be honored, so long as your designated roommate is eligible to live in the Scholars Complex.

Read more Information about the Scholars Complex from Residential Housing:

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Hoover Hall


Nestled in South Green, Hoover Hall is an accommodating living situation designed to provide high-achieving students all the resources the need to live and learn in a safe and quiet environment. Hoover provides all the amenities that an HTC students needs to both achieve academically, but also feel comfortable making friends and experiencing campus life. Living in Hoover will put students in contact with a dedicated residence life staff and like-minded students working together to reach their fullest potential. 

I'm interested. So how is Hoover special?

Although it has not been newly renovated like Read-Johnson, Hoover has both a kitchen and its own laundry facility. This five-story building enforces a 24/7 quiet hour policy to provide students a safe and quiet learning and living environment. The kitchen can be used by any Hoover resident by checking out a key from the Wray Complex residence office. Every room on the third floor that houses HTC students has a window A/C unit. Each room comes with standard OU amenities and furniture. If you're looking for accommodating single rooms in an honors residence hall, look no further than Hoover.

What does a Hoover room include?

Each double and single room in Hoover contains and University-issued twin XL bed frame and mattress, three storage cubes, a desk and shelf unit with chair, a micro-fridge unit, and a large two-door closet. Services include high-speed Wifi and Ethernet Access as well as CATVision Cable service.

Does Hoover have any special living arrangements?

Hoover Hall can accommodate 163 residents. Hoover is co-ed and is set up in a mod arrangement. Every floor is divided into two different mods, Mod A and Mod B. Hoover’s mods have three hallways each with six people living down each hallway in a combination of single and double rooms and sharing one private bathroom. Each of the single hallways runs into a central living environment where each students can study, watch television or just talk with others living on the floor. Each floor features two quiet study rooms for privacy and security when students are hard at work. 

So, if I decide to live in Hoover, what locations are near?

Located on South Green, Hoover is near Ping Recreational Center, Clippinger Labs, Grover Center, Morton Hall and the bike path. Nelson Dining Hall is located at the heart of South Green for convenient dining.

Am I eligible to live in Hoover?

To live on the third floor in Hoover, students must be either members of the Honors Tutorial College or recipients of a major university scholarship. Hoover also accommodates students living in learning communities. Freshmen, Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors all live in Hoover Hall.


Read more information from Residential Housing:

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