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Future Students

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Honors Tutorial College?

The Honors Tutorial College is the oldest, largest, and most academically diverse tutorial-based degree granting honors college in the country. The college was modeled after the tutorial traditions of British universities such as Cambridge and Oxford. We have approximately 225 students who declare majors in one of our 36 programs of study. The Honors Tutorial College is simply unlike any other honors institution in the country because of the emphasis placed on individualized learning through one-on-one or small group tutorials.


What is a tutorial?

A tutorial is a class that has only one student on the roster—you. Some tutorials will have more than one student, but the majority of them are undertaken by one student who is paired with one professor in his or her major area of study. There is no "back row" in a tutorial; this method of learning demands a high level of motivation, responsibility, and commitment to intellectual rigor. Every tutorial in every major is different, but they all offer intensified, accelerated learning within the context of a unique partnership with a faculty member. 


How selective is the Honors Tutorial College?

Because of the rigorous, one-on-one nature of our tutorial-based program, we are a highly selective institution. While exceptional circumstances are considered, ideal HTC applicants should have minimum standardized test scores of about a 30 on the ACT or an equivalent SAT score. Applicants should be in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating class. Strong portfolio work is also a must for those students applying for programs in Journalism, Film, Dance or Theater. An on-campus interview is also required. (For more information on admissions requirements and deadlines, please visit our how to apply page.)


Is Ohio University affordable?

Honors Tutorial College students receive competitive academic scholarships. Read our scholarships and funding page for more details. For up-to-date information about tution and housing costs, visit the Undergraduate Admissions fees and expenses page. 


Can I apply to more than one major (Program of Study) within the Honors Tutorial College?

Yes. If you would like to be considered for more than one Program of Study, please indicate this on the application form where you are asked to state a major. You may apply to two Programs of Study. 


However, please keep in mind that admission to all Programs of Study is highly competitive. Please do not apply to a Program of Study you are not familiar with or are not serious about studying for the next four years. Your chances of being admitted to the College are not enhanced by applying to multiple programs.


Where is Athens? How do I get there?

Athens is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Southeast Ohio, about an hour and fifteen minutes southeast of Columbus. For complete information on getting to and from Athens, as well as accommodation information, click here


What if I don't get invited for an interview?

You will be notified by late December whether or not you are invited to interview. If you are not invited to interview, your application materials will still be considered by Undergraduate Admissions. There is no need to re-apply again to Ohio University if you still wish to attend.

Student Q&A

Sometimes, prospective students have questions that can be best answered by current Honors Tutorial College studentsnot handbooks, administrators, or parents. The frequently asked questions below are real ones we've heard from prospective students just like you. We posed them to some of our current HTC students, and here are their responses.


"I just got accepted into and have been offered big scholarships at a few other prestigious universities. Why should I consider the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University?"

As an Honors Tutorial College student, you won't be just a number. You'll be working one-on-one with an expert in your field of study right away, starting with your very first term on campusno waiting until you're a junior or senior before you see the inside of a science lab, dance studio or newsroom. We've had students transfer here from bigger, more prestigious colleges because they were tired of sifting through textbooks and never even meeting a professor.


The dean of the Honors Tutorial College knows every HTC student's name. And when he sees you walking across campus, he asks about your band's next gig or comments on your latest article in The Post. You simply won't find one-on-one attention like this anywhere else. It's a small college feel within the context of a large university.


"This whole tutorial thing sounds great, and I like the idea of personalized attention in the Honors Tutorial College, but I don't want to feel isolated from the rest of the campus. Will I miss out on the 'college experience' if I'm an HTC student?"

HTC is the best of both worlds when it comes to university size. Being an HTC student means being a student in a small college at a large university. You get personalized help you needbecause the faculty and staff will actually know your namebut you have access to the resources, networks, and organizations that a large university offers. 

And while tutorials form the core of the HTC curriculum, HTC students are still required to take regular"classes with non-HTC students as required by their major. This means you won't only be in classes with professors and other HTC students; you'll get to meet lots of different people from across campus, too.


"I'm a serious student, but I definitely don't want to eat, sleep and breathe school. Do HTC students have time to do anything else on campus?"

Absolutely. Our students are busyand not only with classes. At Ohio University, there is a student organization to fit nearly every interest. HTC students are active in on-campus organizations like the Student Senate; College Democrats; College Republicans; Alpha Phi Omega, the coed community service fraternity; organizations focused on diversity like UNIFY and Open Doors; media and performing arts clubs like The Lost Flamingo Company and the campus radio station, ACRN; The Pre-Med Club and The Society of Physics Students; religious organizations like Campus Crusade for Christ and Hillel.


"How is the Honors Tutorial College different from the dozens of other honors programs I've heard about at other universities?"

We're the only degree-granting institution in the U.S. that incorporates all of the traditional tutorial methods that Oxford and Cambridge universities do. We're a tutorial college, which means our emphasis is on pairing students with professors and allowing substantive learning to happen through dialogue, not lecture. There's no back row in a tutorial. 


HTC students work one-on-one with some of the most renowned experts in their field, a true challenge that reaps immeasurable intellectual rewards. Some of our students have been afforded truly unique opportunities through their tutorial work. For example, one student co-authored a textbook with one of her professors and another went out west with the Lewis and Clark expedition reenactment.


"I hear Ohio University is a 'party school.' Are your students really serious about academics?  

YES! Honors Tutorial College Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA in their major area of study and overall, so a commitment to your studies is absolutely necessary to succeed in HTC. There are parties at Ohio Universityjust like there are parties are nearly every other university in the country. It is up to each individual student to decide where their priorities lie. 

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