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Current Students

Campus Involvement

All academic disciplines in the Honors Tutorial College are very demanding, but in our experience, HTC students become some of the most involved leaders on Ohio University's campus and in the Athens community. In the past, students from the college have gotten involved in nearly every kind of group or activity on campus, including student government, international activism, student publications, and intramural or club sports.


Honors Community Council


The Honors Community Council is a student-led group designed to facilitate HTC-oriented events and projects. The organization splits its focus between philanthropy, alumni relations, and planning college-wide events. Meetings are held on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. in the Common Room at 35 Park Place. Below is an excerpt from a letter to this year's HTC first-year students, written by Bekki Wyss, last year's former HCC President:


"The Honors Community Council, I think, is the heart of the Honors Tutorial College. It is an excuse to set aside an hour every week to chat with your fellow students from all different fields of study. It is an opportunity to plan service events, discussions with alumni, film screenings, game nights, and all-college events. It is a chance to make a difference in Athens and Ohio University, a chance to turn HTC into a community as well as a college.


Spring Semester alone, HCC hosted a red carpet Oscars party, went into the streets to clean up the city for Athens Beautification Day, held roundtable talks with alumni Skyping from places as distant as Singapore, hosted a benefit concert that raised money for the Autism Society of Southeastern Ohio, and threw a retirement party for our former assistant dean Jan Hodson. Composed of HTC students from all years and academic disciplines, HCC has the freedom and resources to follow through with any creative ideas our members propose. That is where you come in.


You'll find in HTC that professors and administrators take your ideas seriously, and HCC follows that pattern. We especially value the opinions and leadership skills of incoming freshmen, reserving two executive board positions for freshmen ambassadors. We want to know what you want from HTC, what we can do to make Athens your home, and what you would like to contribute to the college, Ohio University, and Athens."


The Executive Board of Honors Community Council for the 2013-14 school year consists of:

Abigail Roberg — President

Amanda Petit — Treasurer

Haley Klier and Selena Walsh — Activities Co-Chairs

Jessica Caroll — Fundraising Chair

Philanthropy Chair — Selena Snyder

Campus Involvement Center


Ohio University provides various resources for students looking to get involved in an organization. During opening weekend every year, the university hosts the Involvement Fair on College Green, where all student organizations are encouraged to set up display booths with information about their group.


The Campus Involvement Center is located in rooms 355 and 339 of Baker University Center. It is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, but it also manages an excellent website with resources to get involved.

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