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Current Students

Internships & Campus Employment

Student Employment on Campus

Current students can work part-time for Ohio University in a few different ways: Hourly employment, Federal Work-Study programs, and through the Program to Aid Career Exploration (PACE). Information about obtaining any of these jobs is available through the Centralized Student Employment Services within the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. The office can also be reached by calling (740) 593-4141.


Note: Several PACE and Federal Work-Study positions are available every year in the HTC house. For more information about open positions and how to apply, contact Kathy White at

HTC Public Interest Research Internships

In 2006, an anonymous donor made a contribution of $10,000 to the Honors Tutorial College to fund public interest research internships for students in the college for four years. Fortunately, the donor has continued to fund the internship, which allows one student to receive a stipend of $2,500 to underwrite a research public interest internship. The deadline for this award is 5:00 p.m., April 2, 2014.


Some of the most educationally enriching internship opportunities are in the public interest realm, but most public interest entities do not have the wherewithal to offer paid internships. Likewise, many students do not have the financial resources necessary to pay for living experiences and transportation while undertaking an unpaid public interest internship.


In 2013, the stipend was awarded to Katie Lasco, a junior HTC Business major, and an implementation manager at the Ohio University Office of Sustainability. Read about her internship experience here.


Download these documents for more information:

- Guidelines for Application; 2014

- Application for HTC Public Interest Research Internship; 2014

Career and Leadership Development Center

Ohio University's Career and Leadership Development Center (formerly the Career Services Center) is located on the fifth floor of Baker University Center. The Center offers a wide array of services, including career fairs, mock interview opportunities, online job searches, leadership development courses, career counseling, summer job and internship bulletins, and resources on resume and cover letter writing. Visit the CDLC website for detailed information on all the resources that the Center offers.

In addition, due to the unique nature of a tutorial, graduating students who apply to graduate or professional schools are given tutorial letters that not only describe the tutorial nature of the college but also describe the content of each tutorial taken by the student.

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