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To register for classes, you should first go to the course descriptions and class schedules. Read the course descriptions and check to see that you already have taken the courses listed as pre-requisites. Then check the class schedule to make sure that you will be able to attend all classes. 

You may also want to read about “University- Wide Graduation Requirements” in your OU Catalog. Also check the required courses for your major, before choosing classes. Requirements for all majors are listed in the programs section of this web site.

When you are ready to register for classes, you have several ways to register.

    1.  To download and print a registration form, click on registration form.

    2.  You can fax your registration form to 3411-5483 in HK or 740-597-3005 in USA.

    3.  You can email your registration form  to watsonk@ohio.edu and then fax your credit card information to 740-597-3005.

    4.  You can Mail your registration form to:
Ohio University                                  Ohio University
HKBU/SCE, 2/F Franki Centre            Kathy Watson
320 Junction Road                             105 Haning Hall
Kowloon Tong,                                   Athens, OH  45701
Hong Kong 

IMPORTANT: Include your credit card information in your fax or mail, or send your bank draft (in US dollars) at least 3 weeks in advance of class start, in order for your registration to be processed in time for classes.  DO NOT EMAIL CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!!!

If you use bank draft for payment, be sure to check with you bank to make sure they have a branch bank in the US. Otherwise, your bank may deduct a service charge from your payment before they forward payment to Ohio University.

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