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Apply for Library Ticket:
(Au Shue Hung Memorial Library, HKBU Library) 

If you want to apply for the Reader's or Borrower's ticket to access the HKBU Library, please ask for an application form from the HKBU Library in person. Bring your SCE student card, personal check and two photos to the Library during counter service hours from 9:00am to 5:30pm.

*HK$450 per year for Reader's ticket & 
*HK$900 per year for Borrower's ticket (borrow 3 books only per time). 

Inquiry's phone: 3411-7444 

Ohio University  - Alden Library Use
It was recently announced that the library facilities on all the Ohio University campuses in Ohio are now available to our Hong Kong students via the Internet. It is not possible for Hong Kong students to borrow hard copies, but it is possible to access thousands of documents which are either on line (some 60,000 professional journals) or are on microfiche. In addition, similar material which is in the collections of virtually every college or university in the State of Ohio is available via Ohiolink.

Prior to the beginning of each term, we will forward the name, the student identification number or Social Security number, the student's home address, and e-mail address for each new registrant to the Alden Library staff. This will register each student as an Alden Library patron. Once this occurs, each student will be able to access the facilities. Explicit instructions follow.

Students should point their browser to Alden Library.

Next step is to select INFOTREE right below the FIND MORE RESEARCH TOOLS http://infotree.library.ohiou.edu/

InfoTree is a user-friendly starting point for research.  it is a subject-oriented gateway to research tools of various kinds.  it is browseable in a subject hierarchy or searchable by keywords.  The primary audience for the database is the students, faculty, and staff of Ohio University.  Our chief aim is to support the research needs of this audience.  Each of the databases or resources indicates whether the resource is available to all remote users or what restrictions if any, are placed on it.

As Distance Learners you will be asked to Authenticate via the Ohio University Proxy Server.  You will then be prompted for your last name and social security number.  If you choose to go directly through OhioLINK (www.ohiolink.edu) you will be asked to Authenticate via the OhioLINK Proxy Server.  Ohio University should be chosen from the pull down/pull up menu and submit that information by clicking on the button on the page.

Your name and social security or student identification number will be requested.

Submit this data and the system will indicate authentication for that resource and will take you to the search screen for the resources. Search and locate items as needed.

Some of the databases, like the Electronic Journal Center (EJC), Journal Storage(JSTOR), Literature Resource Center (LRC), Biography Resource Center (BRC) are totally full text, while others like Academic Search Premier contain many recent full text articles. The database descriptions will indicate what is available from each one.

lorraine wochna(wochna@ohio.edu) is the Distance Learning Services Coordinator and is available for consultation via e-mail. She indicates that it will be helpful to her if students will inform her of what subjects they may be researching. That way, she can pull together a listing of the resources that may be most useful and which are available to remote sites like Hong Kong.

SCE Resource Library
The library is located on the 9th floor of SCE Tower and is open to all students. You can enter the Resource Library and borrow books with your SCE student card. Please access the library's website for more details.Also, a photocopy service is provided for all students during the opening hours. HK$0.5 will be charged for each copy. 

Inquiry's phone: 3411-2743

Opening Hours for Resource Library:
Monday-Friday: 9:00am-9:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 12:00pm, 1:00pm - 5:00pm
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