Student Sponsored Resources

In addition to the resources offered by Ohio University, there are several student-sponsored resources dedicated to various health and safety issues facing college students today.

Student-sponsored resources include:

ALLY, an organization that serves as the queer-trans*-straight alliance on the Athens Campus. ALLY holds weekly meetings and produces educational programming throughout the year.

Asterisk: Athens Area Trans* Advocates, a newly-formed group that advocates for trans* and gender variant people and concerns and works to educate the campus about trans* and gender non-conforming individuals. The group holds weekly meetings and posts updates on its Facebook page.

Empowering Women of Ohio (EWO), an organization dedicated to programming and activism that raises awareness of issues concerning social justice, including but not limited to LGBT issues, women's rights and civil rights.

Feminist Equality Movement, an organization that seeks to participate in various events on campus that are relevant to women's issues and LGBT issues and that seeks to promote a non-discriminatory atmosphere on campus and uses activism as way to educate people about feminism.

Graduate Student Senate, the official representative body of graduate students at Ohio University, this organization represents the voice of the graduate student population and recommends actions on its behalf to the University and the community.

Lean on Me, a peer support group aimed at helping students cope with stress, depression or other personal problems.

Ohio University Student Senate Women's Affairs and LGBT Commission, a commission that operates under the unicameral student government at Ohio University.

Open Doors, an organization that provides educational, personal, political and social support to members and friends as well as education about LGBT and queer culture and awareness to the Ohio University and Athens communities.

POWER/GAMMA, a student group of peer educators who instruct on multiple critical health issues, such as alcohol, healthy sex and masculinity.

Survivor Advocacy Program, a program that provides education, advocacy and resources for students and faculty experiencing sexual assault, stalking or dating/domestic violence. 

Unified Sisters, an organization created to unite and strengthen women of diverse backgrounds through learning "real-life" skills to prepare themselves for independent life beyond their college years.

VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood, this group, run through Ohio University's Women's Center and affiliated with Planned Parenthood, works to educate Ohio University students about sexual health and safety.

Women and Gender Studies Graduate Student Association, an organization that provides a meeting point for individuals of various backgrounds and disciplines who are interested in pursuing efforts that fall under the realm of women and gender studies.

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