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Recovery Allies

A recovery ally is a person who strives to eliminate the injustices faced by people in or seeking recovery from a substance use disorder by championing efforts to support recovery, empowering individuals and creating recovery friendly environments where individuals, families and communities can thrive. Recovery Allies aspire to create a campus community where students are comfortable seeking help and prepares it members with the knowledge, skills and tools to act as recovery allies.

Recovery Allies have the opportunity to be trained as presenters for Recovery is Spoken Here. The presentation articulates what the Collegiate Recovery Community does, promotes recovery friendly language, recognizes those in need of recovery, demonstrates ways to help someone in need or seeking recovery and summarizes how everyone can become a Recovery Ally and support students with substance use disorder.

If you are interested in becoming a Recovery Ally, or if you would like to schedule a presentation for your classroom or organization, please contact Ann Addington, addingto@ohio.edu.