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The Office of Health Promotion is currently open but staff are working remotely and there may be a delay in response time. For questions, please contact individual staff members directly or email healthpromotion@ohio.edu.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all of the programs that the Office of Health Promotion is running at this time are virtual programs that are conducted via Microsoft Teams. 

Please check in with the Ohio University Coronavirus Response page often for updates.

Health Promotion currently offers remote programs led by Peer Educators from Power GAMMA and Better Bystanders on a variety of different topics listed below. 

General Health & Well-Being Remote Programs

To schedule the following remote workshops on topics of general health & well-being, submit the request form that is linked below each program.

Back to School (COVID)

Returning to campus during the pandemic can be scary for all of us. This program will help equip you with the tools you need to be safe on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about social-distancing, where to get reliable Covid-19 data, social support, and online resources on campus.

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This program identifies the definition of hazing, the history of hazing, how to recognize hazing behaviors, and the laws and regulations regarding hazing at Ohio University.

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Women's Health

Learn all about female anatomy! This program will teach you how to conduct a breast exam, pap smears and HPV, hormonal/non-hormonal contraception methods, and period sustainability. *We do not assume the gender or sex of anyone who attends this program.*

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Seasonal Health

This program includes the seasonal changes in health that come with the seasonal changes in weather. Things addressed in this program touched upon include sun-tanning, seasonal depression, hygiene care as it changes throughout the year.

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Alcohol & Other Drugs Remote Programs

To schedule the following remote workshops on alcohol and other drugs, submit the request form that is linked below each program.

Alcohol Responsibility & Harm Reduction

This program will help you learn how to make informed decisions about alcohol,  identify and prevent high risk situations when using alcohol, the dangers of binge-drinking, and how to be an advocate for your Bobcat family.

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Vaping / Nicotine

Vaping has become a common public health issue among college students. This program will help you identify the risks associated with various forms of vaping and using nicotine, identify potentially dangerous black market products, and provide resources for how to quit vaping.

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RX Drugs & Prescription Drug Abuse

In this program, students will learn about both the legal and illegal uses of RX drugs like, xanax, opioids, and stimulants. In addition, students will be informed about the signs of drug abuse and discuss the long and short term implications of prescription drug abuse.

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Mind Altering Drugs

This program will inform students about various hallucinogenic or mind-altering drugs including, MDMA, LSD, and other hallucinogens. Students will discuss the dangers and implications of using such drugs as well as their legal consequences.

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Ilicit & Scheduled Drugs

This program will explore the use of drugs including, Cocaine, Heroin, Fetynal, and others. Students will explore the dangers of these drugs as well as discuss resources for those who may be experiencing any form of drug addiction.

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Cannabis Consciousness

Do you think you have a medical condition that qualifies you for your Ohio Medicinal Marijuana Card? Have you ever wondered about the University’s policies regarding marijuana? This program is for you. Learn about Ohio’s new medical marijuana regulations and Ohio University’s laws and regulations regarding marijuana usage.

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Sexual Health Remote Programs

BDSM Part 1

Ever been curious about what BDSM actually entails? This is the program for you. This program serves as an introductory course that will teach you about the true definition of BDSM, clarify misconceptions associated with BDSM, demonstrations of common BDSM practices, and most importantly, how to communicate with your partner(s) when engaging in BDSM practices.

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BDSM Part 2

Want to take a deeper dive into learning about BDSM practices? This program builds off of Part 1 by demonstrating more intensive BDSM techniques, additional communication practices, and resources to inform BDSM practices and safety.

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Latexology & STI / HIV / HPV

This program demonstrates several barrier methods, including internal and external condoms, dental dams, and contraception, that can be used to prevent pregnancy, STIs, HIV, and HPV. We will discuss common types of STIs, how they are contracted, and recognizing the symptoms. We will also provide comprehensive preventative education about HIV and HPV.

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Safer Sex Any Which Way You Go

​​​​​​​This program demonstrates several barrier methods, including internal and external condoms, dental dams, and contraception, that can be used to prevent pregnancy, STIs, HIV, and HPV. We will complete an engaging activity to discuss other sexual behaviors and identify their risk factors in getting pregnant or contracting HIV, HPV, or an STI.

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Woody & Buzz: A Different Kind of Toy Story - Sex Toys

​​​​​​​Sex toys are a useful tool to achieve pleasure within a sexual setting. This program will inform you of the various sex toys on the market, how to use them to achieve the greatest pleasure for yourself and/or your partner(s), and how to properly clean them.

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The Big O - Orgasms & Self-Pleasure

​​​​​​​Learn about the female and male anatomical systems associated with orgasms,  the different types of orgasms, how to achieve them, and tips and tricks to achieve ultimate pleasure with yourself and/or your partner(s).

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Nutrition & Body Image Remote Programs

To schedule the following remote workshops on nutrition and body image, submit the request form that is linked below each program.

EveryBody Matters

​​​​​​​This program provides an interactive session including information on eating disorders, how the media influences eating disorders and the idea of body image in society. While providing facts about the basics of common eating disorders, this program also provides ways to identify someone who might be struggling with an eating disorder and how to address this.

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Relationships

​​​​​​​This program incorporates the intersection of mental health and body images. This program will also provide information on self-care, particularly for college students.

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Nutrition Choices

​​​​​​​Transitioning to college can be difficult especially when, for many of us, basic needs such as access to food may have changed. Learn about nutritional choices on a college campus, being cost effective when shopping, and how to navigate making healthy choices regarding nutrition.

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Emotional Well-Being Remote Programs

To schedule the following remote workshops on emotional well-being, submit the request form that is linked below each program.

Mental Health & COVID

​​​​​​​Learn how the pandemic has impacted mental health. This program will provide facts about emotional impacts from the pandemic and allow the audience to reflect on their own coping strategies when dealing with effects of the pandemic.

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Stress and Sleep

​​​​​​​Dealing with stress can be difficult. Learn about strategies to deal with stressful situations, ideas of self-care, and resources that will assist students to find what they need during stressful times throughout their college experience that they can carry into any stressful situation in life.

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Anxiety, Depression, and Other Mental Health Concerns

​​​​​​​This program provides definitions and indicators of mental health concerns and illnesses. This provides ways to talk to people who have a loved one who may be struggling with mental health and provides resources on how to help someone at Ohio University.

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Healthy Relationships

​​​​​​​Learn about the differences between what would be considered a healthy relationship and what would be considered an unhealthy relationship. Relationships of all types are addressed, but identifying red flags specifically in intimate relationships is included in the program. Learn ways to address conflicts and conflict types.

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Violence Prevention Remote Programs

To schedule the following remote workshops on violence prevention issues, submit the request form that is linked below each program.

Power-Based Personal Violence & Bystander Intervention

Explore the role of students in creating a culture of change by understanding types of violence and skills to be an active bystander. 

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Saving F.A.C.E.

This program focuses on knowing what consent looks like and how to engage in conversations about consent. Through open discussion and interactive scenarios participants will understand what consent looks like. 

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One Love Escalation Training

Using video and conversation, explore healthy and unhealthy relationships. 

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Masculinity & Media: How Gender Scripts Influence Sexual Violence

This program examines the impact of toxic masculinity through the lens of American video, print, and digital media and the subsequent impact on violence.  Can be customized to include information on Consent and Bystander Intervention.

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Recovery is Spoken Here

Recovery Ally Training

This presentation is recommended for Ohio University staff and student workers seeking meaningful work during COVID-19 remote working. Questions about the presentation can be directed to Ann Addington.

Download the Recovery is Spoken Here presentation [PPT]