Everyone at Ohio University Has the Right to Feel Safe

Ohio University is committed to a campus and community climate that is welcoming, respectful and safe. You are entitled to be free of discrimination and harassment and should not be subjected to such behaviors by students, faculty members or staff.


Sexual harassment is unwelcome and unwanted sexual behavior which interferes with your life. Under the law and university policy, sexual harassment is a form of sex-based discrimination that is probhited at Ohio University. Examples include:

  • Sending unwelcome sexually explicit emails, or telling sexual jokes, innuendos or stories.
  • Unwelcome touching.
  • Touching you, threatening you or pressuring you to have sex - including sex in exchange for a job, raise, better grade or special treatment.
  • Pressure for a date or other relationship.
  • Repeatedly being subjected to sexual jokes or epithets creating an uncomfortable or hostile environment.
  • Unwelcome sexual remarks on social network sites.
  • More Examples. 

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is common on college campuses. Many students experience noncontact forms of harassment, such as emails and sexual remarks, and, according to a 2005 report by the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Drawing the Line: Sexual Harassment on Campus  nearly one-third experience some form of physical harassment. Ohio University does not accept this behavior and many campus offices are trained to help.

It's important to ask for help!

If you believe that you or another person may be a victim of sexual harassment, the following campus offices can discuss your options with you…read more


Emergency: In case of an emergency like sexual assault, contact the Ohio University Police (OUPD) at 740-593-1911.



To file a complaint, please contact the office of the Title IX Coordinator: Dianne Bouvier, Interim Executive Director for Institutional Equity. To contact the Title IX Coordinator, call 740-593-9132 or email.


Ohio University Title IX Grievance Procedure

Ohio University Title IX Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Sexual Misconduct Policy Brochure

Student Sexual Misconduct Resolution Process

Investigation Process for Allegations of Sexual Misconduct by a Student - Flowchart