Who Can Help

You do not have to handle harassment on your own!

People who experience unwanted sexual advances or uncomfortable situations of a sexualized nature often are afraid to report the problem. Some think no one will believe them; others are afraid of "getting in trouble."

Ohio University encourages students and personnel to report suspected harassment. The person experiencing harassment or a witness of the harassment can report it. University policy prohibits retaliation against any person opposing harassment. 

A Word on Confidentiality

The University wishes to create a safe environment in which individuals are not afraid to discuss concerns. University offices will always maintain confidentiality to extent possible. However, any complaint that rises to the level of a crime must be reported. Harassment allegations and the identity of the complainant also cannot be guaranteed confidential treatment in a complaint because the University must consider fairness to the individual accused as well as the safety and welfare of all members of the community. This may require that the allegation and the identity of the accused be disclosed to other university officials.  

Students may contact the Ohio University Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) and employees may contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for confidential counseling services while considering a next step and whether to report a concern, except in cases of reports of serious crimes such as child abuse or suicidal/homicidal behavior.

If you think that you or another person may be a victim of sexual harassment the following campus offices can help you evaluate your options. Please read each description carefully, as some offices are not required to keep information confidential and may be required to immediately report the harassment. If necessary, a friend or advocate can accompany you to any of these offices: 

Office for Institutional Equity
101 Crewson House
Title IX Coordinator: Dianne Bouvier, Ph.D.

The Office for Institutional Equity (OIE) seeks to ensure that the University provides a safe and equitable environment for all members of the campus community – students and employees. Part of that mission is to investigate formal and informal complaints of sexual harassment brought forward by the person who is being harassed or a third party. The role of OIE during a complaint investigation is to be a neutral investigator and to seek fair resolution. The office also provides training and educational programs about sexual harassment awareness and prevention. OIE must be notified of all complaints of sexual harassment, regardless of which office receives the initial complaint report. For more information, go to What to Expect

Ohio University Police Department (OUPD)
135 Scott Quadrangle

OUPD is a full service police department and it responds to emergency situations on a 24 hour basis. They also offer SAFE-T Patrol, an escort service operating from 7:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m. daily (593-4040). Teams consist of a male and female or two females. Cases of sexual assault are reported to OUPD and may result in criminal charges by local authorities and/or may be forwarded to the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility for violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

Ohio University Survivor Advocacy Program (OUSAP)
McKee House
44 University Terrace
740-597-SAFE (7233)

The Ohio University Survivor Advocacy Program seeks to create a SAFE campus where victims and survivors of sexual assault, stalking, and dating and domestic violence are thoroughly respected and supported.  OUSAP works to empower the campus community to deal with these issues through conficdential advocacy services, education and resources. If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted or is experiencing dating/domestic violence or stalking, please call the Ohio University Survivor Advocacy Program at 740-597-SAFE (7233).

Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS)
Hudson Health Center
24/7 Crisis Intervention Service


Counseling and Psychological Services provides confidential mental health and counseling services to students. In addition to individual counseling, CPS offers a Sexual Assault Survivors Group that is also confidential. Please come to CPS during our expanded Drop-in Hours. Your initial visit is an opportunity to explore your counseling needs in a confidential meeting with a Drop-in counselor. Together you can discuss the referrals that fit your needs and circumstances. Individual counseling, group counseling, and psychiatry are some of the services we offer at CPS, and we also make referrals to a wide range of other services both on and off campus.  Please go to the CPS website http://www.ohio.edu/counseling/ for semester drop-in hours.

Office of the Ombudsman
501 Baker University Center

The Ombudsman is an impartial resource for listening to a problem. The office makes appropriate referrals when necessary and assists you in clarifying your concerns. The office does not maintain records.

Women's Center
403 Baker University Center

The mission of Ohio University Women's Center is to act as a catalyst to promote awareness, education and advocacy about women, gender and diversity among faculty, staff and students at Ohio University and surrounding communities. The Women's Center invites discussion on issues and will provide appropriate referrals.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center
354 Baker University Center

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center advances the diversity mission of Ohio University by creating a campus environment inclusive and supportive of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. We focus on the unique academic, cultural, and social needs of LGBT students, and strive to enhance these students' learning and engagement as well as increase their retention. Our broader influence emerges from providing resources, educational opportunities, and social justice initiatives to all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members at Ohio University and beyond. The LGBT Center's Director is able to assist with harassment reporting.

Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility
349 Baker University Center

The role of the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility is to adjudicate alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct. Members of the Ohio University community who have been subjected to sexual harassment or sexual assault may submit a judicial referral if the person who carried out the harassment or assault is an OU student. Information regarding the judicial case is confidential. However, a student accused of violating the Student Code of Conduct has the right to deny the charges and address the charges in a hearing, including questioning the complainant and any witnesses for the complainant. The judicial referral form and further information is available at the website.

Office of Legal Affairs
WUSOC, Room 150

The Office of Legal Affairs is equipped to take complaints about sexual and other forms of harassment, violence or other concerns. The Office of Legal Affairs will assist individuals in processing their concerns, primarily by working with appropriate departments. The primary contact person for harassment complaints is Nicolette Dioguardi, Esq., on Title IX, VII, and all laws relevant to the University's responsibility in providing a safe, open and welcoming environment. The Office of Legal Affairs refers internal cases of sexual harassment to the Office for Institutional Equity and represents the Board of Trustees and the University in harassment cases which enter the legal system.

University Human Resources (UHR)
Human Resource & Training Center
Employee and Labor Relations

University Human Resources conducts initial intakes about sexual harassment and refers cases to the Office for Institutional Equity. Employees who have a concern about Workplace Violence (which may occur along with harassment) should contact UHR. University Human Resources also provides training and educational programs about sexual harassment awareness and prevention.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Employees can take advantage of Ohio University's confidential EAP and Work/Life program for counseling and support. It is offered through Impact Behavioral Healthcare Services. The EAP is available to all Ohio University employees and their family members.

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